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  1. Venn

    Struggling with Business Ideas? Do This One Thing to Never Run Out of Fastlane Opportunities

    First gold thread I have read after insider subscription, tons of value !
  2. Venn

    How to become fluent in Speaking Any language?

    Try to enter a community that speak the language you would like to learn. You can check for toastmasters in your country/city, they have often native and english sessions.
  3. Venn

    Looking for Dropshippers with European manufacturers - need help

    Hey @ShirtsMakeTheMan I am sure there are private companies giving transportation services From Poland to Ireland and vice versa. You can contact them and see how much it would cost you and haggle up abit for sure. They usually make one course a week so you could get your packeges once a week...
  4. Venn

    Polish Italian going for American Dream

    Hey @Sethamus thanks for the answer! I am also abit sceptical about aged products, and I would actually like to produce Gin for Polish market. Ye thats true but often times the flavouring occurs in the distillation column during the distillation process. Thats pretty nice I would like...
  5. Venn

    Polish Italian going for American Dream

    Thank you for reply @Bobby_italy I really appreciate some feedback especially from an Italian person. Regarding your 1st question the idea of producing beer is not mine but its the person that I am working for. I want to sell spirits like gin, vodka, grappa, amaro in different markets in the...
  6. Venn

    Polish Italian going for American Dream

    Confusion Time Hey all. Well being all my life in an organized structure (which was university) is not helping me now to find myself in a new reality. I feel like Jews led out from Egypt by Moses where from one tyranical structure they fall into even worse chaos of worshipping false Gods. The...
  7. Venn

    Polish Italian going for American Dream

    Hey all, I have decided that I am going to use this forum as a kind of journal for my bussines and personal development. This way it should help me with being consistent and focused on my goals, and maybe it can be of some use for you. I am 26 y/o Polish guy living in Rome just finished my Msc...
  8. Venn

    Alcohol industry

    Hey thanks a lot for the answer. I am going to read the Kingfisher story for sure. Well the plan is to start a beer production company with my girlfriends father ( I work at his pub atm), and learn as much as possible (since most of the income would go to him I guess). Then if I would help in...
  9. Venn

    Alcohol industry

    Hey guys, So I have just graduated and I am going to start my fastlane journey. I would like to ask if anybody have an experience in alcohol industry because this is where I would like to bring some value. Are there any suggestions for a newbie regarding opening your own factory? Having a lot...
  10. Venn

    Quarantine Fitness - What's Your Routine?

    Make a plan where your different muscle district can rest from 48 to 72h after training. Then ofc it depends if you have weights or you do only bodyweight. An example would be: * Push * Pull * Legs * Push * Pull * Legs Then since You would like to train each day you would have to adjust your...
  11. Venn

    Is it possible to migrate to a new country while building your Fastlane dreams?

    I am also 25 y/o living outside my country and I know what you feel. The slowlane in my case is (university/work) for the past 3 years, and in addition to that I've had a language barrier. All that time I was thinking how great would it be if I could finally start my fastlane journey, but...
  12. Venn

    Hey forum!

    Hey, Ye there are restrictions about alcohol production and I think they're pretty intense. At the moment I am working on mead production (Poland had a great mead production in middle ages) that I would like to distill, and maybe in the future make a product from it. After university I have few...
  13. Venn

    New Forum Summary Listing Panel (And How To Best Use It)

    Positive change! The forum in my opinion looks cleaner, and it's easier to navigate :)
  14. Venn

    You're from where??

    Hey, I am from Poland (Bialystok) currently living in Italy (Rome) !
  15. Venn

    I've Read UNSCRIPTED!

    GOLD! HOT! 
    I have just finish to read unscripted, really awesome and practical book!
  16. Venn

    Coronavirus made me $780,000 in profit in 6 weeks

    That sound insane! Really great job. I wouldn't even think about something like that.
  17. Venn

    I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    GOLD! HOT! 
    Hey, I have read the book back in highschool and I think it was my first book about entrepreneurship, and have influenced me in a big way. Coming from a poor family it showed me that it is possible to become rich, a "millionaire".
  18. Venn

    19yo college student in Germany - figure it out or go home

    Hey metko, I was/am basically in a simillar situation. Let me explain I am a Polish guy studying in Rome and had 50-100 euro in my pocket and no language skill when I've arrived to Italy. My situation was abit different though because my girlfriend is italian and she helped me alot. Anyways now...
  19. Venn

    Hey forum!

    Hey all, It is my first post so I would like to introduce myself. My name is Patryk and I am 25 years old. I am from Poland but living in Italy (Rome) at the moment. Here in Rome Im finishing my master's degree in biotechnology during the day and working as a barman during the night (or at least...

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