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  1. The EL Maven

    Is goal setting B#LLSH@t?!

    Don't let Adams fool you. For a long time, every single day, he got out a piece of paper and wrote the following 20 times "I will become a world famous cartoonist" Perhaps it's an issue of semantics, but I'd conclude he not only used a goal, he made sure it was on his mind every single day.
  2. The EL Maven

    Author spent 5 years interviewing 177 selfmade millionaires to find their secrets. Findings inside.

    Very interesting, thank you for posting. It does look as though a minimum of 6% of his "rich" aren't really rich at all, but even with this potential sampling mistake, there are some categories that are really telling.
  3. The EL Maven

    My friend asked me to sell his business, but I don't know anything about selling a business!

    Find a business broker and refer this out. That's the biggest help you could give.
  4. The EL Maven

    Offering A Money Back Guarantee On Products?

    I personally believe it's a must. I mean, unless you only take cash. Customers can charge back and what not regardless of your policy, and since this is true, you're better off turning this into a FEATURE rather than hoping they don't realize it's essentially a requirement.
  5. The EL Maven

    Essential supplements: Which ones do you take?

    Great idea for a thread. What I currently take shouldn't be taken as what I'll always take... Everyday I take a min of 720 mg of Omega-3. Everyday I take a min of 3g of Absorbic Acid powder. I'm mostly off of working out for the summer, I supplement creatine when I'm more active. Currently...
  6. The EL Maven

    Unscripted has brought me back to my senses.

    Fascinating first encounter with the book there. That's pretty cool, plus you took the step to engage the passenger about it. Look forward to seeing your future posts.
  7. The EL Maven

    Worst Slowlane songs

    The Weekend by Michael Gray oozes the script. I'm working, all week long I dream the days away I wanna, sing my song So let the music play I have to get my kicks, and fly tonight And when the clock strikes six On Friday night I need to blow it all away I can't wait For the weekend to begin...
  8. The EL Maven

    Has Amazon become a monopoly?

    I don't know if AMZN is a monopoly, but they sure are a problem. It does sadden me that such a brilliant idea and execution that was Amazon the world's biggest book retailer has become the monster that will cut your throat without thinking twice. They are vulnerable and aren't totally...
  9. The EL Maven

    I have zero motivation to work after losing over $100,000

    HOT! FTE 
    This is classic learned helplessness. Unfortunately for me, I lived there before - more than once. The gist is, you work hard and then something that you perceive to be out of your control takes away your just triumph and if this happens in a specific way, your will and enthusiasm go bye bye...
  10. The EL Maven

    Rich Kids Never Succeed?

    Work as much as needed. Sleep as needed. These vary depending on the person and environment, you must find your own way with it. As for where you start, it doesn't matter. What's important is where you're going and keeping that in your mind constantly.
  11. The EL Maven

    Poker Pro: Increasing My Financial Literacy to Create the Life I Want

    Going from 0 to MSNL in 2.5 yrs in this day and age is impressive. I quit poker around the time you started. Way to go. Coaching is giving you the variance free money as well, but it's linked to your time. And well, downswings suck. The common way to decouple your time from revenue is to...
  12. The EL Maven

    Convince me to buy / not buy a new car

    Everyone here makes a valid point. The key phrase that stood out to me was "daily driver". Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but that implies you have a nicer car tucked away for sport/fun, nice weather, etc. In this case, the daily driver is supposed to be a car that you don't feel terrible about...
  13. The EL Maven

    30 yo UK'er poker pro and pro procrastinator!

    You can make this forum your 2+2, it's smaller but the advice supremely valuable. Sure, poker is a bit more straightforward. You open up your HH, you run equity calcs, post some marginal spots, make adjustments, etc... with business you start with an objective and find your way to it. Some of...
  14. The EL Maven

    Intentionally Changing Your Mindset

    There are two ways that mindsets change (that I'm aware of). The first is basically an FTE. Basically it's like you said, "something major is happening in their lives that kind of wakes them up." The other way, generally acknowledged, is more brute force spaced repetition. Basically...
  15. The EL Maven

    Should I Start a Vegan Business If I Don't Believe In It?

    You don't have to be a user of your product, and in fact, it might be better if you weren't. However, I personally think that if you believe what you sell is complete BS, you'll have a tough go at it. Imagine feeling icky about yourself after every sale... that sort of psychological approach...
  16. The EL Maven

    How to Create a Card Game From Scratch

    Earlier this year, I worked on making a prototype for a math learning card game. I was also dabbling in the idea of creating a board game. I'd be very interested in hearing some of your stories as my ideas are in their infancy.
  17. The EL Maven

    5 Years on the Fastlane Forum

    Awesome post man! I will confess that as I read your year to year summaries, I got the distinct feeling that the best ones haven't been written yet. I'm REALLY looking forward to those!
  18. The EL Maven

    Inspiring TIFU from Reddit

    Reading that post was... wow. It's like a horror show called "Tales From the Script"
  19. The EL Maven

    The Four Pillars of Apple Strategy

    Halo effect is simply another way to say branding. People assume that the next release by Apple is going to be big, incredible, and innovative. They think this because of the past. Create incredible value a few times, and you'll have the halo effect, people will assume EVERYTHING you do is awesome.
  20. The EL Maven

    Thanks MJ!

    Welcome! Just the sort of introduction we all love to see and wish we could make ourselves. I watched the video, here are my thoughts. 1. Great to see a young energetic guy in his workshop solving problems 2. Wait, the problems weren't really highlighted but I found one myself during your...

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