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  1. Thinh

    Is Success down to hard work or luck?

    The problem with luck really is when you look at it like a mystic, overarching force, and even worse when you personify it, granting it a sense of agency. Luck is simply probabilities colored with the human mind's perception. Saying someone is "lucky" means they just landed on the smaller...
  2. Thinh

    Is Success down to hard work or luck?

    Be careful, if you don't believe in luck, luck won't believe in you.
  3. Thinh

    Monetizing Domain Names

    You guys are quick to forget the commandment of entry. Focusing on this endeavor was a killer move 25 years ago, because no one knew shit about domain names. It was a good move 15 years ago, because there was plenty of opportunity still. It was an OK to mediocre move 10 years ago because the...
  4. Thinh

    What are your thoughts on going all in crypto in this Recession?

    The fact that you use the word “HODL” and are thinking of crypto as a vehicle for wealth greatly stacks the odds against you. You probably won’t listen to the advice around here, and were probably more looking for some validation from forum members, or god forbid, even MJ, but you won’t get that...
  5. Thinh

    Can any recommend an easy and inexpensive CRM?

    I keep seeing this thread popping up, and am surprised no one mentioned Notion. It’s probably the best CRM you can get since it’s free and highly customizable to one’s need, and you don’t need a PhD to use it.
  6. Thinh

    Newsflash: Fastlane is your only hope. Not stocks. Not Crypto. Not jobs.

    Let's not bash on crypto indiscriminately. Crypto can be a good vehicle for wealth. But it requires as much work (if not more), and especially building stuff. Buying random shitcoins and hoping they go to the moon? Sure, might as well buy lottery tickets. On the other hand, being able to...
  7. Thinh

    Foolishness versus Wisdom

    What you call "know know" I call understanding. Everybody (including I) can "learn" stuff. Now, understanding it is completely different. Hey, after all, take The Millionaire Fastlane. It gives everything one needs to know to become a millionaire by building a business. Does it mean every...
  8. Thinh

    Drop-shipping is a waste of time

    Like 99% of things in life, it's not a black or white answer. The real answer to this question is actually asking another question: what's the reason one would start a dropshipping business? Is it because they're hoping to making big $$$ with their laptop while drinking a cocktail on the...
  9. Thinh

    How much of the self-development/success industry recommendations are COMPLETE BS?

    I think the problem is that people have it in reverse, as in: Famous successful people wake up at 5 AM because they are successful, they’re not successful because they wake up at 5 AM
  10. Thinh

    Age old debate: Mac VS Microsoft PC

    HOT! CHAT 
    Gotta admit that window management on MacOS is rather… cryptic But thankfully it can be solved with a neat app called Magnet.
  11. Thinh

    How do you react when you sit with someone in your age or younger and has net worth 20 times yours ?

    It might be hard because somehow our ego makes us easily jealous but one thing that helped was I read, I think it was Naval Ravikant but I'm not sure, saying something like
  12. Thinh

    Social Media Destroys Entrepreneurs. Grow Your Business Without It.

    HOT! RANT 
    The clickbait version of this title post could be « You won’t believe no. 7 » But seriously, the #7 is soooooooooooo true. You see everyone and their grandmother telling you to « produce », write, write, write, and publish stuff at all costs. The result: as you perfectly described, a mountain...
  13. Thinh

    Should I get a job?

    If it is so, then OP wasn't meant for entrepreneurship after all.
  14. Thinh

    My marketplace bootstrapping strategy: what are your thoughts?

    Hey As someone who built 3 marketplaces startups (2 failed, one who did OK) and having helped a SaaS marketplace startup building its offering, I know a thing or two about marketplaces. From what I’ve read so far, you’re a bit too focused on the marketing gimmicks. Landing page, ads...
  15. Thinh

    Age old debate: Mac VS Microsoft PC

    HOT! CHAT 
    MacBook Air M1 is the best laptop in the world anyone can get right now, in terms of pure price-to-value ratio, and this by far. Insane processing power, sound quality, weight, slim, silent, fanless design... There's just no other laptop that can come even close. It also invalidates the age-old...
  16. Thinh

    Age old debate: Mac VS Microsoft PC

    HOT! CHAT 
    There's no real debate. It's like "which is better, blue or red?" Depends on whom you ask, their life, level of knowledge, what they value, etc. Mac = Get the job done without having to mess around with tech stuff. Windows = Easy to use machines for the masses, at the cost of having to do some...
  17. Thinh

    The Ultimate Goal-Setting System: Take 1 Hour to Change Your Next 10 Years...

    Genuine questioning here: How can one realistically envision anything 10 years forward? How can it be not pure wishful thinking? Has anyone ever became what they wanted to be 10 years ago? I find that sticking to a one year goal is already hard Not only in terms of self-discipline/motivation...
  18. Thinh

    Does visualization really work?

    I don't think there's a definitive answer to whether visualisation works or not. It just works for some people, and doesn't for others. You'll see some people ultra successful waking up 5am every morning, and others even more successful and they couldn't care less about waking up early. Some...
  19. Thinh

    Are You ADDICTED to Reading?

    The problem is when someone's reading just for reading, or in hope to find a magic silver bullet. Reading when: a) It satisfies one's curiosity—and by that I mean genuine curiosity, not FOMO about some magical bit of information that would change one's life, b) to find specific information or...

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