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  1. Thomas Baptiste

    What will you accomplish in 2020? <-- Well did u?

    1)Try to improve the life of at least 10 other people going into 2021 (volunteer/consultation) 2)Improve my lifts, get to the best physical shape I've ever been in. 3)Get a dog.
  2. Thomas Baptiste


    Actually going through this process right now. So far so good.
  3. Thomas Baptiste

    Where to find business problems (B2B)?

    Try talking to the right people. Not necessarily directly about problems but just conversations about how business/operations are going. If there are real problems, eventually they will surely be made mention of.
  4. Thomas Baptiste

    What will you accomplish in 2019?

    I know it is a bit early but after 1 year here's where I'm at: 1. Successfully made all preparations to start business in March of 2019. However realized there were too many barriers to entry for me, including capital. Realized that I had no control and there was nothing that I could improve...
  5. Thomas Baptiste

    Fastest Way to Build an App?

    Basically this is it. As a senior member here advised me, the fastlane idea is geared towards mainly selling, not necessarily spending all that time making. Spend your time on what really matters and outsource to the experts.
  6. Thomas Baptiste

    A physicist's guide to learning hard things (and using the scientific method)

    I keep coming back to this post. You've changed my way of approaching problems, and I sincerely thank you for it.
  7. Thomas Baptiste

    Let's discuss the "trade war", will it impact your biz?

    It's certainly a very interesting turn of events. An executive order has been signed that has some major repercussions in this trade war with China. The huge tech giant Huawei has been blacklisted, and thus banned from conducting business with US companies. If you're unaware at the time of this...
  8. Thomas Baptiste

    What have you succeeded with? B2B vs B2C

    I've seen basic B2B structures, that with the right focus could be very successful. I currently work in one and it seems that people will buy just about anything if it helps them in some way to earn more. I've personally had more success with B2C, but it seems that both have their ups and downs.
  9. Thomas Baptiste

    Game of Thrones Season 8 Thread (SPOILERS)

    Contrary to popular opinion here, I really think this was the best episode in a very long time for the series. In my honest opinion it was great. The darkness was fitting given it's a fight against death. The animation with the dragons was great. The plot armor was strong indeed as I thought...
  10. Thomas Baptiste

    Pains ? Health struggles ? Ask a Surgeon anything

    I've been hitting the gym pretty hard lately. I've observed this regular painless popping sound my shoulder makes that I never experienced before. Any suggestions as to what's really going on? I read up that it may be bursitis but I don't feel any pain, it's just concerning that my shoulder...
  11. Thomas Baptiste

    Lots of new faces here since I was active. What's your why?

    My why is simply maximizing my innate potential. Living in a country where the vast majority of adults are unable to live debt free, I realized from a young age that if I don't do something, I'll literally be like everyone else here. I live on the island with one of the worst economies, and the...
  12. Thomas Baptiste

    Turned down corporate marketing job @ 20 with no degree

    This is great. I feel genuinely happy for you reading this. Earning the most money ever in your life while still maintaining your financial security & personal freedom says a lot about your character. I only wish you could further separate your time from it. Knowing the nature of...
  13. Thomas Baptiste

    How to EMBARRASS yourself - Don't be this guy

    I've read through this thread and it is evident how immature/childish people can become. I remember calling this the best place on the internet because of all the constructive value that was going around, but it's apparent that some come here with different agendas. I honestly thought this was...
  14. Thomas Baptiste

    *First Post* - And I may just get banned ...

    That's actually a very good spin on a somewhat basic approach to a lucrative idea. This can actually be applied to a lot of different niches.
  15. Thomas Baptiste

    Test Your LOGO for Free

    Thanks for the contribution.
  16. Thomas Baptiste

    Help me with logo

    I don't disagree, but I think you're missing the point of what I'm saying. Google's logo is a good example. They have many variations. The standard full word 'Google', then there's the single 'G' in the same font and color scheme that they use for their apps. There are ways to go about it. For...
  17. Thomas Baptiste

    Help me with logo

    Man this logo looks fine to me. I honestly think you guys are complicating it. Everyone has their opinion on what purpose a logo should serve, but in the eyes of the average consumer it consciously doesn't really matter that much. First thing I saw when I looked at it was a car and instantly...
  18. Thomas Baptiste

    All Meetings Are A Vain Waste Of Time - No Exceptions!

    From my experience meetings are a double edged sword. The company I work for holds a mandatory 30 minute meeting at the start of every workday. Its actually a really efficient time in terms of finding out the status of company operations overall, and gives the manager a time to motivate staff...
  19. Thomas Baptiste

    Advice For High School Student

    Welcome to the forum. Thanks for taking the leap of faith and coming out, you'll surely learn more the more you participate. As mentioned, the gold & notable threads here are extraordinary. You are still very young, so don't rush into anything. School doesn't hurt honestly (the debt is an...
  20. Thomas Baptiste

    What one thing held you back from starting a successful business more than anything else?

    Getting in my own way. Once you see things for what they are and stop projecting your values onto everything around you, things start happening.

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