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  1. M

    Strategic Partnership Directory Progress Thread

    Just over a week but here is my update. I went on Product Hunt and found a service I think will dovetail well with what I want to do. Last weeks goals: * Have 10 basic blog posts done and about page. I have 8 done and two awaiting. These were all super lengthy and took quite a bit of time, I...
  2. M

    Strategic Partnership Directory Progress Thread

    Great questions!! I plan for it to be free indeed, a loss leader for the templates. While the same people do live in a local city, even in a small city like Parkersburg, WV certain consumers go to certain places vs others. Many people there dont know about a new store opening or new service...
  3. M

    Strategic Partnership Directory Progress Thread

    The database is more or less to help me create content to show how two local businesses can partner with each other for exposure and cross sells. Most small businesses cant afford a marketing team and many owners dont think of all of the complimentary businesses (ex: beef jerky company giving...
  4. M

    How many reviews until I start showing up on Fiverr?

    Everything Said ABOVE! Let your friends and family know. Create a social media page and find businesses/your ideal customer and do the work (watermark heavily) and tag them. Tell them if they would like to buy the commerical/unwatermarked version they can go to your fivver. Fivver really only...
  5. M

    Breaking past my fears through flipping electronics

    That last part! I got all my money back from Ebay when I bought a phone as the charge port didnt work. The seller never checked it (admit it in an email) and said since he didnt list a working charge port in the description, that he wouldn't refund. The price I paid would have been for a...
  6. M

    Strategic Partnership Directory Progress Thread

    I hope this is in the right place but I plan to post here weekly (if allowed and wont link as this isn't about self promotion but holding myself accountable!) My overall plan is to build a strategic partnership directory for local businesses/market place. First steps is to build a directory...
  7. M

    15 year old who wants to live the Fastlane Dream

    THIS is the best advice anyone could give to a 15 year old!
  8. M

    Heyo from the alps

    Love that you are starting with what you know and utilizing the experience around you!
  9. M

    Read DotCom Secrets!

    I have read all of the DOTcom Series and honestly it is solid and good. The DREAM 100 is something that if MJ does another book would be smart to add (as it isnt original to the DOTcom series anyways). The upsells arent worth it as it is really ALL in the books. He does push a bit of...
  10. M

    Finally Found my Community

    I was similar! I too sold stuff from an early age and the idea of having a boss has always urked me. I cant wait for you to jump back on that wagon and blow us away!
  11. M

    Being part of something bigger

    Welcome and keep us posted on what you do!
  12. M

    Still learning to crawl - Looking forward to the run

    Be glad you 'woke up' at 24!!! Congratulations and I can related to wanting to stop the 8 hour+ a day work life! Cant wait to watch you blossom
  13. M

    18 years and starting my version of Unscripted

    Your comment about them in the audio version of Unscripted is what made me get off my backside and finally execute the idea! SO validating. My first $1000 of profit, I want to buy a bunch of your books and put them all around my city.
  14. M

    18 years and starting my version of Unscripted

    I have been in the internet marketing sector for almost 18 years now and am tired of working for others and literally making them rich. After reading Millionaire Fastlane, I decided that my kids and spouse (disabled veteran who depends on me) deserve better. I decided to take something I love...
  15. M

    I've Read UNSCRIPTED!

    GOLD! HOT! 
    Just finished this book though I had it for a while now. So glad I picked it up again, it is why I came to the forum!
  16. M

    I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    GOLD! HOT! 
    Greetings! I have read the book and reread it multiple times!

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