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  1. Subsonic

    I challenge you guys, the fastlane community

    Gl man. If you start early in the day it should be fairly doable. Try going for 10 to 20 at a time for max efficiency.
  2. Subsonic

    I challenge you guys, the fastlane community

  3. Subsonic

    I challenge you guys, the fastlane community

    Today I set myself the challenge to complete 1000 clean push-ups in one day and completed the challenge at 10pm. What seemed like a pretty easy challenge turned out to be a huge test of willpower and commitment. You wouldn't believe all the different places you can get sore from push-ups at...
  4. Subsonic

    Why can't I get anything done

    So it's been roughly a week I think and I don't even miss Youtube anymore. Crazy how one firm choice can make it so easy. Now I am feeling much better and I'm actually getting things done. I wanted to learn sales so I got myself and (be it somewhat sketchy) sales position as a setter for a...
  5. Subsonic

    Would you move to Hamburg, Germany?

    As a German, wtf? Where the hell is Germany a dictatorship? Also taxes may suck but you don't have to pay for Healthcare, are protected from being fired, get money for having kids and also get school and uni for free. Perhaps I haven't been where you have been but I would never see Germany as...
  6. Subsonic

    Release Your Brakes! - A Fastlaner's Guide to Optimal Energy, Focus and Health for Maximum $$$

    Thanks for the post. This is going to be life-changing for some people.
  7. Subsonic

    Getting leads via Cold Calling?

    For the first question. You don't want to make a offer when the prospect is not yet ready to buy. And a prospect is generally not ready to buy while: 1. They are on the phone and probably in the middle of doing something else and 2. While they haven't yet gotten to know and trust you. Now the...
  8. Subsonic

    Getting leads via Cold Calling?

    I'd advise you to look at Brian Tracy's "the psychology of selling" and Alex hormozis selling presentations on YouTube. Then use these sources to make yourself a good sales script. In a nutshell, you don't want to pitch your service right away and instead get them to go on a videocall where...
  9. Subsonic

    Building a high barrier to entry business as a 18 Year old Student

    Thanks man, I'll do the best I can.
  10. Subsonic

    Building a high barrier to entry business as a 18 Year old Student

    Alright, next big thing. I read a post from @Andy Black where he explained how one shouldn't build something for buildings sake but rather focus on solving a problem. This soda idea as a general concept is a massive thing to create and not worth it as it will be eternally outclassed by all...
  11. Subsonic

    How to value a supplement company?

    If you can't find it, think how you would value it. If you estimate, always do it lower than you'd think. So you could take the low estimate of 4x.
  12. Subsonic

    Why can't I get anything done

    Yo I can smell chatgtp again. Don't bs me, I use that bot for a great deal of school work.
  13. Subsonic

    I don't want it bad enough. What's your advice.

    I'm going to be brutal. Imagine your future wife, the woman that was supposed to have your children. Now imagine that the day you meet her you are in just alright shape and she doesn't get a good first impression of you. But there is another man in the room who is in great shape. Now she is in...
  14. Subsonic

    I've Read The Great Rat-Race Escape!

    GOLD! HOT! 
    I have read this book. To be honest, it's my favorite book at the moment.
  15. Subsonic

    I've Read UNSCRIPTED!

    GOLD! HOT! 
    I read the book. It was quiet honestly the second best book I have read so far.
  16. Subsonic

    Why can't I get anything done

    Thanks for the Heads up. I did that just now. Still, I couldn't stop myself from speaking a bit of Español. It is always a fun time to write in languages one knows at barely A1 level.
  17. Subsonic

    Why can't I get anything done

    A mi me hablo solo un pequeño poco de español pero voy eso texto no es el producto de un humano. In other words, get outa here with your chatgtp responses. Seems like noone is going to loose their job because of it just yet. I can smell bot responses from a mile away.
  18. Subsonic

    Why can't I get anything done

    Yeah thanks for pointing that out. I consider reading fiction to be better than Youtube since it doesn't kill my ability to focus and improves my reading. I'd compare it to changing diets. Watching youtube for 5 to 8 hours a day is binge eating junk food. Reading a novel for 1 to 2 hours a day...
  19. Subsonic

    Why can't I get anything done

    So thanks to MJ suggesting it I took a big step back from all social media and cheap dopamine like sweeties or warm showers. I have not watched 1 second of content since writing the earlier post. The impact is already crazy. I haven't really done anything business related in the last few days...
  20. Subsonic

    13 year old from the Netherlands dont know what business to start. Goal is 15 million

    I have been doing quiet well with basic service businesses. So anything from gardening to window cleaning or more advanced things like accountability services can do wonders for you. Best part is that they don't take much money to start up and nobody will question your ability to do those things...

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