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  1. journeyman

    NY Resolutions? No, try making a 1/5/10 Planasy

    I kind of skimmed through this part in the rat race escape so that is a very useful reminder, thanks.
  2. journeyman

    Entrepreneurship while Studying - Decision - Advise needed

    I would have loved it if when I was at Uni I had the opportunity to cut my teeth at business. Even though this avenue is unlikely to make him rich, given that few ideas at this stage pan out, he will have the benefit of taking a solid shot at business with minimal risk (I assume there is...
  3. journeyman

    What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    Real - Skin in the game Fantasy - Malazan book of the fallen #5
  4. journeyman

    Fed Up With Your Country? Where Is Left to Go?

    The main ones for me are: 1) London has a culture that normalizes sharing a house with others even if you are in your 30s and 40s. I've gotten too old for this shit. For the money that I pay to share a house in London I can get a nice studio in Miami. 2) Even pepper spray is illegal in the UK...
  5. journeyman

    Fed Up With Your Country? Where Is Left to Go?

    This thread is spot on, even if terribly depressing to confirm that most countries are getting less free, not more. Wanting to leave the UK, I've spent a ton of time trying to find a country with the best combination of my favorite attributes. Thus, I will be moving to Florida as soon as the...
  6. journeyman

    WordPress Site Speed, Perfected—Ask Me Anything

    Despite managing multiple WordPress sites, the Siteground auto-speed up plugin had made me lazy and complacent. Thank you so much for reminding me and for such actionable tips, I have already improved the WordPress sites I manage significantly.
  7. journeyman

    To Build a Webiste or To Pay Someone ? - Wix vs SS vs Shopify vs [etc] - eCommerce Platform

    There is no need to spend a lot of money on custom work at this stage and take that from someone who charges people money to make websites for them. Shopify with a good theme (or paying a cheap SE Asia freelancer to set it up nicely for you) is perfect for where you are at. You can...
  8. journeyman

    Feedback WANTED

    The elephant in the room - massive trust issue - if what you are selling truly worked, you wouldn't be selling it.
  9. journeyman

    Would you work a job that you loved to do? An alternative to the fastlane

    It's a very interesting discussion. There are a number of questions one can ask in this dilemma: If I was in an industry where I can be making $200,000-$400,000 while being 30-40 year old with a day job, and spend my 30's having fun and traveling, would that be such a bad alternative to the...
  10. journeyman

    A journey to freedom from alarm clocks

    Been a while... The new SaaS website has had some traction, and I will be posting all new updates to this Insider thread
  11. journeyman

    Is creating a stock algorithm/deep learning to trade stocks considered millionaire Fastlane?

    It can be but I wouldn't hold my breath about the chances of success...
  12. journeyman

    Having Children...Pros and Cons?

    29, no kids, no regrets nor do I plan to have any for at least 10 more years. At the core of it having kids is a biological drive and an emotional decision. I'd say no matter what opinions/arguments are presented, if you want to have kids it will be clear and almost unavoidable.
  13. journeyman

    The future of work: remote?

    Chris is really pushing the envelope of remote work and has done a tremendous job at marketing his business. However, the predictions are certainly overoptimistic, or at least apply only to software companies. The company that I work in (finance/analytics) has admitted multiple times publicly...
  14. journeyman

    Be picky when choosing clients, even when you're starting out

    Great point and been there myself, but it's one of these things that it's easier said than done. When you are starting out and you have been crawling through mud to get just one client, saying no because you are picky is like starving and saying no to food.
  15. journeyman

    My Journey to Becoming a Web Developer and Beyond

    Excellent! Surprisingly, I found it actually easier to get an entry-level job where you get paid to learn essentially (just emailed startups offering to help with some of their tickets) rather than freelancing from the get-go. I've come to believe that freelancing is better suited to when you...
  16. journeyman

    Creating an insulin company from scratch

    I mean anything that fixes the problem instead of addressing the symptom, i.e. gene therapy or another, new concept. Why do we have to constantly inject insulin instead of getting the body to re-make it?
  17. journeyman

    Creating an insulin company from scratch

    I hate to shoot down your idea but there are 2 problems: 1) The numbers are off. The manufacturing cost you have cited, even if true, certainly doesn't take into account all the investment that has gone into manufacturing and selling. 2) To manufacture and take another insulin product to the...
  18. journeyman

    I'm the BEST copywriter I know, why isn't my messaging working?

    I am not your target audience, but purely by reading this I like #2 because it makes me curious to find out more!
  19. journeyman

    A journey to freedom from alarm clocks

    2020 update; still not giving up, still trying. I have a high-paying daytime job that's moving towards becoming fully remote. I have launched a website prototype for a SaaS (sort of) aimed at University professors. Getting my first paying customer has been a struggle. I've had 2 near misses...

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