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  1. B. Cole

    Silicone Molds? Who to contact/get foot in door for creating samples

    Smooth-on for anything and everything silicone mold/plastic resin. Here’s some pics of a mold I made to cast prototypes/MVP’s, nice enough to sell in local stores.
  2. B. Cole

    2020 Fastlane Summit at Talking Stick Resort... Event Info

    Haha I’d love to speak, but would be premature for this one. I’d hardly feel qualified to send a bunch of folks out on the path of development that I took, but am happy to share my unqualified advice otherwise. Still way too much a student, don’t want to guru it up. Every red cent and second of...
  3. B. Cole

    Product/Electronic Designers Do you recognize this mechanism?

    I did a quick look for some cross sections to try and see what the guts looked like, to no avail. I’d imagine you could pick a few and get the spec sheets/exploded diagrams, or just swing by the hardware store and buy one to dissect. Good luck man, excited to see what you do with it!
  4. B. Cole

    Product/Electronic Designers Do you recognize this mechanism?

    Aaah yes - used many a one in cabinet making, it’s called a push latch. Most of them work with a magnet in the latch, that contacts a steel strike plate attached to the door or drawer front. The non- magnetic versions have 2 “fingers” that pinch a stud mounted on the door/drawer front like a...
  5. B. Cole

    What is the Trend right now?

    Gurus, hands down. Frikking everywhere. All types.
  6. B. Cole

    At what age did you start to get your shit together?

    Always had my shit together, if having your shit together means using your head, working hard, aggressively taking opportunities, owning your faults and engaging yourself as the only obstacle you’ll ever have to overcome. Started hardcore Fastlaning at 35, if that’s what you’re asking.
  7. B. Cole

    Living in a van down by the river

    I’m gonna say that all the things that come with living like that - hygiene, food, where to park, etc etc., are gonna be distracting and not conducive to focusing on a business. My biggest distraction would be the scenery and lifestyle itself - I’d be exploring, fishing or doing something...
  8. B. Cole

    They're selling what???

    I thought the same when I first saw $10 bags at 7-11 for sale labeled “camp wood” with 3 pieces of firewood in it. I thought, people can’t be that incapable, can they? To have to have someone put 3 sticks in a bag for you to burn? Yup. They can. I cringe at the energy used to create this...
  9. B. Cole

    Tin Foil Hat Time: Are Aliens Here?

    Just splatting my own brainwaves here... I think the next 10 years is going to be insanely transformative for mankind. At a point where open communication, free thinking and the technology to do so are running the show, we’re now witnessing our transformation from the close minded, arcane...
  10. B. Cole

    The US Needs More Tradespeople

    Agree w/ @Ernman, the mindset of being a scaled, fastlane entrepreneur is as rare in a tradesmen’s mind as any, and the vast majority end up loyal and stuck to a company instead of maximizing their potential in the market. The ones ballsy enough to have their own business know their demand...
  11. B. Cole

    Guy Gets A Blank Book To Number 1 On Amazon

    That’s crazy. And to the author and MJ’s point - not sure I’ve ever seen a book that didn’t have “best selling” attached to it somewhere. Except one. But that was a book we shall not bring back from the dead, by an author who’s name we shall not speak.
  12. B. Cole

    One of my youtube videos is currently going viral, the "scale" effect is powerful indeed.

    Any clue as to why it broke out suddenly? I ask because I saw a friend’s music video go semi-viral overnight. Unbeknownst to him, a big music influencer in France used a piece of his song without permission, and in a few days his video went from 1k views to several hundred thousand. Hopefully...
  13. B. Cole

    Raleigh/Durham/Cary, NC (Triangle) Meetup

    Grinding into launch this week, but possibly game - I was through Raleigh to Asheboro this past weekend.
  14. B. Cole

    Invent Right Program... Yes or no?

    I always prided myself for being hands on, figured a former carver and custom woodworker could just about figure out anything. After getting my a$$ beat for 2 years designing this simple little product, I agree with you. Or at least team up with somebody that has ind. design under their belt.
  15. B. Cole

    Invent Right Program... Yes or no?

    I’m going out on a limb and say nope. I can sum up the invention process for you, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to have somebody else tell you. You will learn a lot and become much more resilient holding your own hand and walking solo, because you’ll learn a lot of not-to-do’s and...
  16. B. Cole

    List @ The Few People who have Lamborghinis

    The first column says name/whale. :blank:
  17. B. Cole

    Cyrptocurrency news: Facebook launches Libra

    From the company that has held my business’ username hostage for over a year and has no customer service department to respond to my dozens of inquiries trying to get MY trademarked, unused by anyone else name released - no thanks. F*ck u Zuck. Respond to my trouble reports so I can get on...
  18. B. Cole

    Better Late than never

    Holy smokes another inventor named Brian! Welcome! Don’t worry about your late start, you’ve got skills and knowledge that are priceless and necessary for fastlaning. As MJ put it to me, if you’re on your way, then you’re already living the dream. It’s not about an event - it’s the process and...
  19. B. Cole

    Dealing with procrastination when you're comfortable

    Then get some. Go out and collaborate, plenty of people on the same path as you, with the same problems.
  20. B. Cole

    Dealing with procrastination when you're comfortable

    One thing that’s helpful for me is to have folks that I feel obligated to answer to - that expect to hear from me and see progress, and will slightly kick my a$$ if I come across as unproductive. Do you any have such relationships? Anybody that is waiting to hear an update? Beyond many other...

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