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  1. George Appiah

    Companies to AVOID as you succeed in your FASTLANE...

    No, ManageWP was acquired by GoDaddy. And, surprisingly, even though there's not been a single user-facing enhancement to the platform since the 2016 acquisition, the platform has not been butchered as one would expect after being acquired by a company like GoDaddy.
  2. George Appiah

    Web design price list

    How are they finding you? And what are you doing to attract only these price-conscious prospects?
  3. George Appiah

    LLC and Corp Formation and Registered Agent Service in all 50 States, Virtual Mailbox, Remote Online Notary Services

    For non-resident aliens, can you provide any sort of introduction/service/assistance to acquire a bank account for a new LLC you help register? (FYI: Industry is web hosting, and I'm from Ghana.)
  4. George Appiah

    Hang out in Google Meet while I show you real-world programming skills

    If this opportunity is still available, I'd like to join. I've completed Free Code Camp's Responsive Web Design curriculum (HTML & CSS) already and I've started working on JavaScript. I also have a bit of sysadmin and infrastructure experience, and I've worked with WordPress websites for over a...
  5. George Appiah

    Any good books on funding.

    If your goal is to raise funding for your business or invest in other businesses (as opposed to investing in traditional asset classes), I'll highly recommend Jason Calacanis' book, Angel: How to Invest in Technology Startups: Timeless Advice from an Angel Investor Who Turned $100,000 into...
  6. George Appiah

    Elementor Pro or Code with Angular?

    The question you're really asking is: "Should I use the off-the-shelf WordPress CMS to build my business website to sell my digital files, or should I learn to code just so I can build the website from scratch with the Angular TypeScript framework?" That's a question you ought to answer...
  7. George Appiah

    Ensuring and communicating results with a client!

    Let me just say... I disagree with you completely on this.
  8. George Appiah

    Ensuring and communicating results with a client!

    And what if those case studies contained tangible results (if you could deliver them)? Could that help win more clients? As a business owner myself, when I read case studies and testimonies and whatnot, I'm ALWAYS looking for tangible results. "We did SEO work for Big Co" is not as meaningful...
  9. George Appiah

    Ensuring and communicating results with a client!

    I guess that depends on what kind of business you're in: do you deliver results, or do you perform tasks? It's selling qualified leads vs selling ad space. It's "first page on Google or your money back" vs "we'll do the best we can". It's 2x ROAS or 10,000 FB likes in 7 days at 2 cents per...
  10. George Appiah

    QUESTION: setting up email for clients with domain name?

    Absolutely. You wouldn't create the email addresses in cPanel. You'll hand over 100% of the email function to the external email provider (GSuite, etc) by changing the domain's MX records to GSuite's addresses, and you'd login to GSuite's control panel to create and manage user accounts there...
  11. George Appiah

    QUESTION: setting up email for clients with domain name?

    cPanel/WHM includes a mail server and a couple of webmail clients. Look for the (who could have guessed!) "Mail" options in cPanel, you'll find answers to all your questions there. You should be able to forward emails to another address and set up local mailboxes for domains on the server. And...
  12. George Appiah

    Should I learn HTML & CSS, or JavaScript?

    As @Mainstream7 has said, you need all these three and more... if you want to do build it yourself and from scratch. But we're in 2021, you can 100% build such a website without learning any of those technologies. If you've identified an untapped lead gen marketplace idea and your sole reason...
  13. George Appiah

    I lost my job and starting all over again learning web development @ 40 years old.

    Perhaps it may be time to take a step back and re-assess your ultimate goal: do you really want to become an "Expert Web Developer", or do you want to own a web development agency? Thanks for the update though. Good progress!
  14. George Appiah

    Parler Taken Down. Your Thoughts?

    All of which we used to do even when servers and colo were 100x more expensive.
  15. George Appiah

    There is a bug in Fastlane Forum

    I don't see this behaviour on my phone either. Using Android 9.
  16. George Appiah

    Top 9 Reasons Your Site is Loading Slow (And steps you can take to fix it)

    It's all in the name of "giving value", I guess :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  17. George Appiah

    Music Software Video Course

    In addition to the sample course video, it'll also be a good idea of you could create a "sales" or promotional video -- a simple video which agitates the problem and "sells" your course as the ideal solution to the problem. In fact, IF I can only do ONE, I'd rather do the sales video than the...
  18. George Appiah

    Accountability thread

    That sounds like a good plan, especially the industry you intend to serve. It's also good that you have your dad to, at the very least, bounce ideas off. Good luck, and remember to update this thread with your progress!
  19. George Appiah

    My first CENTS Analysis (Video Course) - Feedback welcome!

    Actually, no, not exactly 100%. You're going to pay for hosting and on-going technical maintenance of your website (or subscription fee, if you use a hosted course platform like Teachable), .... and credit card processing fee. And, of course, you'll be 100% responsible for every eyeball that...
  20. George Appiah

    Music Software Video Course

    Congratulations on taking steps to launch your course! Do you have an existing list or audience of some sort? If not, how do you intend selling the course? On your own website, or in a marketplace (like Udemy, Skillshare, etc). If on your own website, what's going to be the primary way...

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