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  1. AmazingLarry

    You Don’t Have to be a fReeLanCer First…

    Thanks for the shoutout! Seriously appreciate it man, it's encouraging. I actually did freelancing for a year when I was living abroad. I tried starting a business with a couple friends, but there were so many legal barriers being in a foreign country, and I knew I wasn't staying long-term...
  2. AmazingLarry

    Camper Van Conversion Company

    I'm on the home stretch of this first van conversion and have a tentative delivery date in 2-1/2 weeks. The finished product is going to be awesome, especially considering this is only the second van I've worked on. I've learned a ton, and there's still much much more to learn and improve on...
  3. AmazingLarry

    New Opportunity For Hands On Experience But Must Sign Disclosure Agreements

    Also not a lawyer, but one thing to look out for is ownership of IP. I'm a mechanical engineer also and worked for an aerospace company in the past. My employment contract basically stated that the company would own any IP that I come up with regardless of what it is. I'm sure if I invented...
  4. AmazingLarry

    Camper Van Conversion Company

    Partially for cash flow, but at this point I think whether I do a van for a customer or buy one myself to convert it will take me about the same amount of time. If I do a custom van, I would find a customer who has the right model van and could use the design as one of my "standard" builds...
  5. AmazingLarry

    Camper Van Conversion Company

    Yeah, that's true. It would be one at a time like my personal van. That's a great idea about the dealers! I'll have to scope out a few good ones to contact in my area. This first project is like a trial run, so I'm probably going to try to get another custom job and see how that goes...
  6. AmazingLarry

    Camper Van Conversion Company

    Hey, thanks for the response. Really appreciate it. This first job I'm doing is DEFINITELY not profitable enough and I undercharged significantly. If I did 3 jobs per year and charges the right amount it would be enough to replace my part-time job, but that's about it. Like you said, if I...
  7. AmazingLarry

    Camper Van Conversion Company

    Hey guys, This is a long post and I have no expectation that anyone will read through all of it, but any advice is appreciated. The process of writing this all out was very helpful anyway, so here it goes. I need to make some decisions about the future direction of the business, and I’m...
  8. AmazingLarry

    What's your HEALTHCON Status?

    Between a 4 and 5 for me throughout this year. Been lifting consistently and eating healthy for the most part. I've actually lost a bit of weight unintentionally because I've been so busy starting my business I naturally eat less. Planning to increase my calories and lifting volume in the...
  9. AmazingLarry

    What are some of your legendary quotes

    This is the first one that came to mind: “Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to lift no heavy-a$$ weights.” - Ronnie Coleman Applies to so much more than working out .
  10. AmazingLarry

    Looking for Nonprofit Fundraising Advice

    Sweet, I'll definitely look into this!
  11. AmazingLarry

    Looking for Nonprofit Fundraising Advice

    This is awesome, thank you so much for the great advice! I'm definitely going to be thoroughly thinking through what you said and implementing these strategies. This will be super helpful as we plan to reach out to companies and other organizations.
  12. AmazingLarry

    Looking for Nonprofit Fundraising Advice

    Thanks for advice. This is simple but makes sense. Our nonprofit is essentially a 2 week long annual program, so we may need to just mostly fund it ourselves this first year so we have some "results" to show when we fundraise.
  13. AmazingLarry

    Looking for Nonprofit Fundraising Advice

    Bump. Anyone got some wise words?
  14. AmazingLarry

    Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    HOT! CHAT 
    Lmao this is so true. I remember walking from my apartment to the grocery store in pouring cold rain without an umbrella cause I didn't want to look like a b!tch. After noticing that every other person had an umbrella, I realized that these people thought I was a dumbass, not a b!tch.
  15. AmazingLarry

    Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    HOT! CHAT 
    Man, I can totally relate to this. Seeing poverty really puts things in perspective and cuts your first world problems way down in size. Its so easy to forget and loose this perspective though. Traveling and living in a foreign country has been one of the most valuable and meaningful things...
  16. AmazingLarry

    Dating app for teens... Feedback on this idea?

    I know your app would be for kids over 13, but it made me think of this. Stay safe OP, and make sure you're aware of any special requirements for targeting your business towards people under 18.
  17. AmazingLarry

    Camper Van Conversion Company

    Yep, this is what happened with my first job. Definitely undercharged, but it's my fault because I was estimating the work load based on my personal van which was not nearly as "professionally" done. This thing should get a lot of attention when it's done though.
  18. AmazingLarry

    Where (and how) did you meet your spouse?

    I met my wife in kindergarten. My first memory of her is ripping her off in a Star Wars card trade. I'm sure this isn't much help to you, but I would suggest getting involved in some type of group centered around a common interest/hobby. This has definitely been the easiest way for me to meet...
  19. AmazingLarry

    I'm managing a lot of projects - How do you do it?

    Love this. I do something similar where I keep a running note of any business idea that pops into my head, even if it seems ridiculous. It helps make a habit of exercising the creative muscle and let's you put it out of your mind. It'll be there when you go back to look at some point. The...
  20. AmazingLarry

    What Do You Choose to Give Up? (To Achieve Fastlane Riches)

    Awesome post. Really needed to read something like this right now, and I can relate to it a lot. Going through the period in my business where I'm sacrificing a ton and not knowing how it will work out, so just reading thought this is encouraging.

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