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  1. OscarDeuce

    Copywriter Wanted

    Not sure this is quite "legal" here, but if not I'm sure someone will set me straight... I'm looking for an experienced copywriter to produce two sales letters for direct mail. One will be to former clients and "friends," while the second will be geared to new clients. The letters should be 1-2...
  2. OscarDeuce

    wtf man! it's not fair!!!

  3. OscarDeuce

    wtf man! it's not fair!!!

    You don't need to be an IBM to get in on Government contracts. Many are set aside for small businesses, and often small businesses beat out large businesses for those that aren't. PM me if you're serious about Government business (if that sounds too much like an ad, mods please delete it - it's...
  4. OscarDeuce

    Biggest Epiphany and Biggest Mistake

    Biggest Mistake - Saw the .com crash coming years out, did nothing to alter my course, and took a drumming. Biggest Epiphany - It doesn't matter what the rest of the world believes, if your analysis points the other way, head that way. You're probably right - it's okay to be a contrarian...
  5. OscarDeuce

    How soon is too soon?

    "The squeaky wheel gets the grease"
  6. OscarDeuce

    Infographic: 4 the Fastlaner that wants to stay productive

    Missed this earlier - agree 100 % O-2
  7. OscarDeuce

    Infographic: 4 the Fastlaner that wants to stay productive

    O-2 was the US Army's designation for the aircraft in the picture to the left. In slang terms, it became known as the "Oscar Deuce," Oscar being the phonetic alphabet representation for the letter "O" and deuce for "2." The O-2 first saw service in the Vietnam war, where it was used primarily...
  8. OscarDeuce

    Infographic: 4 the Fastlaner that wants to stay productive

    Yep. Do the HARDEST thing(s) first! Tackle 'em when your energy is still high. O-2
  9. OscarDeuce

    How Does An Entrepreneur.. Relax

    A long time ago, I figured out that business is my hobby. Why play golf, for example (unless I'm good enough for the PGA tour, which I'm apparently not), when you can spend that time starting a new business? So, when I want to relax, I start a new business (working on two at the moment) or seek...
  10. OscarDeuce

    Vigilante, Does WalMart Sell Crap?

    It's only a perception. My wife bought a pair of athletic socks there once. Literally unraveled during her first workout wearing them! A while ago, we bought my mother a fancy toaster. It worked for a week. Returned it for another. That one made it about four days. I remember the toaster my...
  11. OscarDeuce

    Vigilante, Does WalMart Sell Crap?

    Same with low tech products - The Weber grill you buy from Wallmart will be built of a lighter gauge steel and the paint will be inferior. It'll rust through in a year or two. A friend who owned a high-end gun shop said that many of the rifles they sell (do they still?) were factory seconds...
  12. OscarDeuce

    Anybody Else Who Uses Yahoo Business Mail Experiencing Problems?

    Everyone: Since last night I can send mail but not receive it. Doesn't matter if it's my laptop or phone or whether I use Outlook or log in directly to Yahoo mail on the web. Anybody else experiencing this? I tried to search online but got a lot of conflicting and shady looking information...
  13. OscarDeuce

    When was the last time...

    1978 for me. Now, just the smell of fast food makes my want to puke. Well, I did visit once around 2001. Back when I was going through my mid-life crisis phase (bungalow on the beach stocked with pole dancers - its in another thread somewhere). Pole dancers love McDonalds, so being a gentlemen I...
  14. OscarDeuce

    Veganism / Plant-Based Diet

    Yep, beat me to it too. Cheers, O-2
  15. OscarDeuce

    One Piece Of Advice

    I used to be a planner, but my current two successful businesses both started with very little planning. Just kind of jumped in and said, let's do this. Probably a good thing because if I actually planned the TV production business, I'd have figured out it was too expensive and too hard to break...
  16. OscarDeuce

    Should I keep watching TV?

    The last time the TV was on in our house was to watch the Belmont Stakes. Just the race, not all the stupid celebrity interviews and other crap leading up to it. About 5 minutes total. We make TV (it's one of the businesses my wife and I run), but never watch it. In fact, being in that business...
  17. OscarDeuce


    In my world, NDAs are standard operating procedure. Most simply say I won't disclose your proprietary information and you won't disclose mine without the others prior approval. It's what you do if you want to play with the grown ups. I don't get the hate... Cheers, O-2

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