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  1. AnneC

    I made a book and it's selling. I never got this far, so I'm a bit stuck xD

    Congratulations on your progress! MJ recommended Amazon, and I’ll throw in my two cents about that. I agree that you need to get on Amazon. On Amazon, there's the “book route” of Amazon Vendor Central or Amazon Advantage that MJ mentioned and KDP. But there's also the "product route" which...
  2. AnneC

    What we get wrong about the Mexican Fisherman Parable

    I don’t really resonate with this article. The hero’s journey is essential to any good fictional story. But personal growth comes from within. Sure, there can be outside circumstances that challenge us and spark transformation. But those obstacles don’t need to come from working or making...
  3. AnneC

    **This thread will change the way you think.**

    GOLD! HOT! 
    You have a higher probability of @biophase responding if you have a female forum name and your profile photo is of a cute blonde girl.
  4. AnneC

    What kind of mattress do you own?

    We actually got two versions of the Nectar mattresses. @biophase slept on the cheapie ones we got on sale for under $400. We bought two of those. One was definitely too soft… like they forgot a layer of foam or something. We tried to exchange it. There’s no way to stuff a bed-in-box back in the...
  5. AnneC

    The Etsy MEGA Thread... Best Practices, Use, Etc.

    There’s a relatively new feature in Etsy Ads that lets you turn on/off relevant keywords. Etsy says it’s a “test,” so I don’t have a lot of faith in it. We’re only running ads on a handful of listings, but we did go through and scrub out some bad keywords.
  6. AnneC

    Ask me anything about eCommerce (Ongoing)

    Are those dates next to it the active dates? Your screenshot makes it look like they tried Shopify and moved to Woocommerce. Lots of people have Wordpress (not Woocommerce) in addition to Shopify. Usually, they’ll install one on a subdomain or a subfolder. Generally, this is because the...
  7. AnneC

    The Etsy MEGA Thread... Best Practices, Use, Etc.

    Heads up, Etsy shop owners. Another half-baked Etsy feature was released today: the Star Seller badge. Totally idiotic, for multiple reasons.
  8. AnneC

    You copywriters are being replaced by AI..

    Bumping because I've been thinking about this thread a lot lately. There are a ton of services out there now.,,, writesonic, etc. Has anyone used any of them?
  9. AnneC

    The Etsy MEGA Thread... Best Practices, Use, Etc.

    If it's outside of your control or otherwise violates ToS (delivery delays, profanity, mentions another website), you can use the"Report this review" link. Lately, anything that mentions slow delivery due to post office delays have been automatically removed, by using the link. Otherwise, I...
  10. AnneC

    What will you accomplish in 2020? <-- Well did u?

    Hit my arbitrary business revenue and net profits goals. Meditation wasn’t as consistent. Got plenty of massages and float tank sessions. Slacked on the food and gym, but happy with where I’m at now.
  11. AnneC

    How was your 2020? What will your 2021 look like?

    I had a great 2020! Oddly enough, life didn’t feel much different. We don’t have kids, and we’ve worked from home for over a decade. Also, we rarely eat out, and I don’t like going to the movies. I realized that I’m very much an introvert, and I’m totally okay with that. I am looking forward to...
  12. AnneC

    We could do this for growth and fun?! (30 Day Challenges)

    I decided on 30 days of morning stretching, plus a short yoga routine at night. I will continue with the IF, since it’s just become normal now. Thanks @Sheens for starting this!
  13. AnneC

    We could do this for growth and fun?! (30 Day Challenges)

    Haven't missed a day with IF. I just couldn't concentrate last week. Too many distractions. I scheduled a float (sensory deprivation tank) for tomorrow afternoon to hit the reset button. Next 30 day challenge will be focused on physical activity for me. I just haven't made that a habit or...
  14. AnneC

    I've made £610 in 16 days using Etsy in a brand new sector.

    @Jemmalee - Awesome work! Any tips on growing Instagram followers? I have no idea what to post. I actually hired someone to help do my social media, because I’m so bad at it.
  15. AnneC

    We could do this for growth and fun?! (30 Day Challenges)

    Feeling pretty good! The IF has helped me re-lose these few extra pounds I gained this year. I realized about a week in that I was trying to get too much done at the end of the day. So, I moved a few things to a morning habit stacking routine.
  16. AnneC

    Looking for Weekly Accountability Mastermind Group

    My mastermind group started in January 2014. That's almost 7 years of consistent meetings even through marriages, babies, deaths in the family, major business changes, C0VlD-19, and more. It's a free, self-run mastermind. There are five of us in the group. Four of us met at a one-day workshop...
  17. AnneC

    How to Buy A McLaren for $20K

    @biophase - Does that mean you’ll change your profile pic? I think that it should be a new mountain bike. It’ll get more use than your McLaren got, anyways. :happy:
  18. AnneC

    We could do this for growth and fun?! (30 Day Challenges)

    Count me in! I’ve decided to focus on my health for the remainder of the year, so mine are: - Clean (only water) intermittent fast 18/6: I’m in the middle of reading “Fast. Feast. Repeat.” and ready to give IF another try without my morning coffee/cream crutch. I stopped drinking caffeine...
  19. AnneC

    Planning a move to Boulder, CO - any entrepreneur group houses available?

    Can’t help with the entrepreneur group house, but I’ve lived in the Denver/Boulder area my entire life. The startup scene in Boulder is tech heavy, with an emphasis on VC-funded companies — as opposed to lifestyle businesses that many of us here on the Fastlane forum have. With a SaaS company...
  20. AnneC

    I've made £610 in 16 days using Etsy in a brand new sector.

    Congratulations on taking action, and now reaping the results! From one Etsy Seller to another, here are two tools I’d recommend, if you’re not using them already: eRank (or Marmalead) for analyzing your listing strength. If you’re on a budget, there’s a free version of eRank. GetVela (it’s...

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