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  1. BEAR

    How quickly things can change....

    Thank you for the words of encouragement! I started out with the determination to reverse my diabetes, I just never thought it would be possible in only 3 months time. Goes to prove that you are able to do whatever you put you mind, heart and soul into. Yes, my energy levels are incredible...
  2. BEAR

    How quickly things can change....

    Its been 3 months today that I decided to change my life and get my health back in order. I was not going to put up with being a type 2 diabetic! I quit drinking any alcohol with the exception of the occasional bottle of red wine. Yep, no Jack and no beer...... don't even miss it. I changed...
  3. BEAR

    OFF-TOPIC Gun Chat/Personal Protection: The Dangers Of Getting Really Rich

    I also own an LCR with factory laser and can honestly say that it is a less than desirable gun for most women. 5 rounds, huge recoil, no hammer, short barrel, difficult to reload, carrying speed loaders take up alot of room (bulky). My wife shoots a Glock 19 and cant stand to shoot the LCR as...
  4. BEAR

    OFF-TOPIC Gun Chat/Personal Protection: The Dangers Of Getting Really Rich

    As an avid shooter with a private range on my property that gets used daily, I would STRONGLY recommend that anyone that owns a gun to take a class from a quality certified instructor. Just having a gun does not make you any safer and it can actually cause you more harm if you are not properly...
  5. BEAR

    MEETUPS Northern California Fastlaners Meetup

    Sorry for the double post, Still learning this forum format. Regretfully, I will not be able to make it this time.
  6. BEAR

    MEETUPS Northern California Fastlaners Meetup

    Tuesday as in tomorrow Nov 27th?
  7. BEAR


    I've done Insanity. Man is it an a$$ whoopin! Usually run a cycle of it during the winter when weather doesn't permit outdoor activities. Keep with it, make sure you aren't too hard on your joints, and you will see great returns. P90X is great also and mixes in weights.
  8. BEAR

    MEETUPS Northern California Fastlaners Meetup

    Im in Colfax. Could use some like minded people to bounce ideas off of. Sounds like a good idea, im in!
  9. BEAR

    OFF-TOPIC Arizona Entrepreneurs Having More Success Than Most

    We have been contemplating AZ for quite some time. I need sunshine to function, don't know why but I am super un-motivated during the long cold winters here (Nor Cal). That being said, we love the mountains. We live in the Sierra Nevada's at 3000'. After some extensive research, I have...
  10. BEAR

    NOTABLE! Diary of Opening A New Business

    Fantastic thread! Thank you for sharing you knowledge and experience with us. Its been a little over a year since you started this and you originally stated that you planed to sell it after two years. How is that goal looking?
  11. BEAR

    Selling A Business...How To Value?

    In light of my prior post, lets examine two different business' numbers and please explain to me how to create a solid way to value a company. They surely will not sell for the same price......right? Company ABC: Annual income___________________$500,000 Annual...
  12. BEAR

    Selling A Business...How To Value?

    I understand that is one of the fast ways to get a quick value on a business, but....there are too many variables to just be that simple. What about profit margins? What about property (owned/rented)? What about equipment/vehicles? What about a comparable business recently listed or sold...
  13. BEAR

    Selling A Business...How To Value?

    Hey everyone, I have reached a point in my plan to sell my current business and move on to a more fastlane business model. Over the last 4.5 years I have built a successful flooring/construction company from nothing. It has provided my family a nice comfortable lifestyle, makes good profit...
  14. BEAR

    WEB/DIGITAL Adwords

    I do all my own adwords. Its really easy once you get a grasp on it. The return on invstment has been impressive for us over the last 3 years. I suggest you learn how it works and do it yourself. Google also has tools and tutorials that will help to learn as you go. Best of luck!
  15. BEAR

    Got An Awesome Idea? Great, Now STFU and Act.

    I must agree. I get sick of hearing of all the great ideas those around me have, but when I tell them to stop talking about it and do something................nothing happens. I get funny looks. They get defensive. The best is "Where do I start?".....the answer....ANYWHERE! Just do it. Yes...
  16. BEAR

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    So I picked up the book from Amazon a week ago. All I can say is brilliant! It has held my attention better than any book before (even rich dad,poor dad). I cant seem to put it down and I am now half way through and it keeps getting better! It has also caused me to rethink my current path in...
  17. BEAR

    Creative Pay Scale Question/Discussion

    Hey all, I would like to start a discussion on different and creative ways to pay different levels of employee's. I own a semi-successful service company that has been doubling in size every year for the last three years but has now hit a point that we need to hire more staff to continue to...
  18. BEAR

    WEB/DIGITAL How do I purchase My domain NAME?

    Diddo, I had that exact same thing happen to me last week:pissed:
  19. BEAR

    REAL ESTATE Some Days it Sucks to be Bob

    I have had about a year of being "Bob"........ but with much worse luck:bgh: Keep your head up and remember, without the bad times we would have no good times:smx9:
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