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  1. D

    For writers and editors ONLY . . .

    One of my favorite books is "Eats Shoots and Leaves." The title comes from a joke based on a real-life reference book. Here's the joke: Panda walks into the library, eats some lunch and then shoots everybody. As he's leaving, one of his victims who is barely alive, asks "Why?" The panda...
  2. D

    Jokes, Insults, Disrespect and More

    Re: Childbirth - Is there a better way? Interesting thread. I have nothing firsthand to add since we adopted. And in fact the joke is that I keep telling my son that years from now when he has his children, someone is going to have to teach me how to change a diaper. I've never done it. I...
  3. D

    One Bad Employee Can Ruin Everything

    This past week I was approached about a possible joint venture by one of the members of my forum. It was interesting and from what I could see it could be good for my company, but REALLY good for the other company. But, I needed to do some due diligence. That's when it got a little crazy...
  4. D

    Cooking Recipes

    OK, I can really get into this thread. My son and I love to cook and my husband loves to eat. One of my favorites for guests: Bulgogi: This is strips of marinated and barbecued beef that is served with lettuce leaves as "tortilla style" wraps. Marinade: 1/2 cup soy sauce 1/3 cup sugar 3...
  5. D

    New IRS Audit Guidelines Slams Real Estate Professionals

    Actually I need to update BSB anyway - I'll probably do that this weekend. SO MUCH HAS CHANGED. I started a list this morning of the business structures I'd recommend today. They are completely different from what I would have recommended a year ago. So, thank you for the reminder.
  6. D

    New IRS Audit Guidelines Slams Real Estate Professionals

    LP = Limited partnership or Limited partner GP = General Partner A limited partnership has two types of partners: a limited partner and a general partner. You might want to take a quick read of "Business Structure Basics" to get some of the foundational concepts down.
  7. D

    New IRS Audit Guidelines Slams Real Estate Professionals

    If you are currently claiming the real estate professional status on your tax return to take full advantage of your tax losses, you could be in trouble from an IRS audit. Some of the highlights of the new audit guidelines that we got our hands on late last night: - If your property is...
  8. D

    Diane Kennedy in Washington!

    Right now I have an ice tea AND an iced coffee on my desk.
  9. D

    Rich Dad - Learn To Be Rich Seminar

    I have to come back to the "no networking" clause as well. They actually said "Don't talk to anyone?" And what was the justification for that? I go out of way at my seminars to put people into as many groups as possible. I think that is often the biggest advantage of financial seminars -...
  10. D

    Rich Dad - Learn To Be Rich Seminar

    Everything else aside, asking to get your credit card limit raised is a GOOD idea. Believe it or not, this will INCREASE your FICO score. I went through this thread and just remembered that. I'm putting that down as an action item for both my husband and I. (Another tip, my husband and I...
  11. D

    Diane Kennedy in Washington!

    And the answer is....
  12. D

    Would you change the past??

    Thanks for the perspective and change in terms Russ. I'm about to start using some of them! The other thing to remember - KMart filed bankruptcy. Donald Trump filed bankruptcy (through one of his companies). This stuff just happens. If you're moving fast enough, it's just a speed bump.
  13. D

    Income tax question

    I have no idea what Linden is. Does it have value in the real world? If so, it's taxable. If it exists solely in Cyberspace, then you'll have to check in with the Cyberspace taxing authorities. (ie...none that I know of)
  14. D

    Would you change the past??

    A new quote I'm using all the time: Success can be defined as going from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.
  15. D

    Diane Kennedy in Washington!

    What a whirlwind trip! Hey, Lighthouse, I do get the info@ emails, but they take a little bit to filter through to me. I've been posting on it at my blog on Bottomline, I was impressed and didn't expect to be. It wasn't nearly the posturing that I thought...
  16. D

    Income tax question

    AND the Heroes Earnings Assistance and Relief Tax Act of 2008 which is getting so much press right now (extends GI benefits) includes an Exit Tax for Americans leaving. It includes a 51% tax on any pensions the "rich" American has who is living. "Rich" is defined as making more than $139K per...
  17. D

    Income tax question

    US Citizens are taxed on world wide income. So, yes, you have to pay US tax. If you also pay tax in another country, you will get tax credit for that tax (so it's not doubly taxed) if there is a tax treaty with that country. Usually US has tax treaties with countries we're not fighting...
  18. D

    When Your Friends/Family Say "That'll Never Work"

    I didn't want to comment too soon so that the thread could kind of go where it was going to go. Bilgefisher, thank you for your comments. If I can give someone a different point of view or something that creates that gut check, that is the ultimate for me. It's interesting - I don't care so...
  19. D

    To You Fastlaners

    mtnman, I hear ya! I'm amazed at how NICE and helpful many people on this forum are. There are some questions that I just wouldn't touch with a 10' pole. And inevitably someone wades in with way more patience than I have and kindly answers the questions.
  20. D

    A few good documentaries

    Hey! Thanks for the list. My husband loves anything science related - I like anything futurist-trend spotting. It's Father's Day this weekend and my son and I were going to buy a bunch of documentaries for Apple TV, get him a good bottle of single malt Scotch and I think he'll be delighted.

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