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    WEB/DIGITAL Anybody have a good landing page template?

    If you'd like a WordPress (CMS) template for the sales page, you can download it here (and his newsletter actually has useful tips now and then): Free WordPress Sales Page Theme – Build Your Sales Letters and Affiliate Landing Pages with WordPress!
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    How far / long do you commute?

    15 minutes. I need a working space, I´m still in our family house and 'work from home' didn´t work for me.
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    This idea just made someone RICH

    I think this is a fabuolus website and the products. I really like it.
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    how did you find yourself ?

    If you do not really know what you are good at, maybe the book Strengths Finder 2.0 (or first edition - Now, discover your strengths) can help you. I found it very useful.
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    WEB/DIGITAL Tim Ferris vs. Entreprenurial Premise

    Sorry to interrupt but If anybody has any books on this topic (systems and process management), I´d love it if you´d share it with us.
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    Where to start as a student

    You can try to find a programmer on sitepoint marketplace, digitalpoint or elance and similar websites. Or you can always find a student in your area for small pay. If you´re doing a content website, don´t forget to look into which is one of the best content management...
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    Where to start as a student

    100 € / month is enough for starting a small web biz. I had a very small modeling webshop a few years (<25.000 €). The lessons I learned and they could apply to you as I also started with little money: Don´t go into ecommerce that needs a lot of diverse products (for example: I had...
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    Hello from Germany!

    Hello, fellow yuropean.
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    Books about business process management

    There´s a lot of talk about automating business, processes etc. I know the fundamentals, I´ve read a few books (E-Myth, How to make your business run without you, 4HWW etc) but they all read like fast-guides. They mostly talk about companies with a few employees, now I´d like to read more...
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    WEB/DIGITAL How do you sell your domain names?

    - Buy, Sell, Appraise and Auction Domain Names at Sedo, the #1 domain name aftermarket, broker, reseller, and appraiser! - SitePoint Marketplace - Buy & sell established web sites, startup and turnkey websites and more - Digital Point Forums
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    WEB/DIGITAL so you can sell ice to eskimos?

    I think that in the domain market there are a lot of really strong players, is one of them. So you´d have a hard time.
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    WEB/DIGITAL Critique My eBook Sales Page!

    It really is. I´m writing my sales letter directly according to the article. :smx9:
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    WEB/DIGITAL Critique My eBook Sales Page!

    Here are some basics for writing sales page/letter: 12-Step Foolproof Sales Letter Template
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    WEB/DIGITAL Selling Domains on eBay?

    Try also Buy, Sell, Appraise and Auction Domain Names at Sedo, the #1 domain name aftermarket, broker, reseller, and appraiser!.
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    OFF-TOPIC What do US residents think about "safety bracelets"?

    First of all - I REALLY do not want to start a political debate. I would just like to hear an opinion from people who live in the country and I would like 1st hand opinions. This is the tematic: Washington Times - Politics, Breaking News, US and World News - "Want some torture with your...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Buying a domain that is already registered...

    You can hire to buy it for you.
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    WEB/DIGITAL I have a domain/forum and I do not know how to use it!

    Phpbb is really easy to manage. Read their user guide and FAQ and you should know how to do it in a couple of minutes.
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    FAILURE How NOT to start an e-commerce business

    I think this could be more of a :smx4: mistake than a serious one, especially as I was still "toying" with business and had no real plans yet. But anyway ... Five years ago when I was 18 I started importing plastic car models from Japan and started selling them to my friends. I thought I could...
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    OFF-TOPIC Test Drive: Lambo Gallardo, Porsche 911/GT3-RS, AM V8 Vantage

    Top Gear rules. But YouTube sux as the video is gone.
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