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  1. mdmetelus

    INTRO Looking to learn

    If you asked yourself that questions, you're an unlikely person to offer harmful products and services to the market. Just listen to you gut, you'll know if you are on the right track or not(You don't seem like the kind of person who's conscience would let them off the hook or doing evil)...
  2. mdmetelus

    HOT TOPIC Are you ignoring the gold right in front of you?

    Great points, but i'm not quite sure how this applies to me, as I'm an unemployed grad student.
  3. mdmetelus

    EXECUTION 0$ to 1000000$ in 12 Months! (Ride Along)

    WOW thats a really busy plan... there must be some way to simply you goal, as there is just too much going on in my humble opinion.
  4. mdmetelus

    GOLD! The absolute BEST book you MUST read!

    Cementing an unscripted mindset does not happen overnight. Just like daily goal setting can help with focus, motivation, and mantaining ones commitment; reviewing Unscripted can help crystallize what been learned. I think its less about fear and more about increased repetitions. But i agree with...
  5. mdmetelus

    GOLD! Intro, AMA, and a Recent Sale for $6M of

    @lludwig Wow, Really cool cite and content. You clearly deserve the success you've reached, and thank you for sharing your experience with us . If you don't mind my asking, what tech stack do you use to build inverstorjunkie? and can you share any insights from that perspective for the more...
  6. mdmetelus

    Reading a lot - is this really the #1 trait of rich people?

    Excellent point! "You're either first of you're last," Like Ricky Bobby said. If you're not first, you loose the premium value associated with the first mover advantage, and the opportunity to take all of the market share in a need industry or niche. But to get back to the main topic; Upon...
  7. mdmetelus


    I can't freaking believe you put this book together! Frankly this is your magnum opus!!! There is so much value/incite shared in this book and I'm so grateful that you chose to write it. I finish an MBA in mid march of this year and this book alone was more valuable thenTHE ENTIRE DEGREE...
  8. mdmetelus

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I finished listening to the TFL audiobook right before i join this Forum on aug 15. Completed it in 2 days, i just couldn't put it down. It crystallized the difference between what we are taught and what we should be doing. Thank you So much @MJ DeMarco , for pointing out the way!!!!! I don't...
  9. mdmetelus

    Reading a lot - is this really the #1 trait of rich people?

    I agree with your sentiments, reading allows you to benefit from years of wisdom, knowledge, and experience that other accomplished people have to offer, but if you take no action what value could reading have for you...?
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