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  1. andyhaus44

    Show us your library

    “Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs.” - Jim Rohn Here are most of my books; the rest are in my basement. Lets see yours!
  2. andyhaus44

    ELI Announces "Who Owns the Ice House?" Audiobook

    First of all, MJ, thank you so much for recommending the book "Who Owns the Ice House?" Loved it and 100% agree with you that it will probably never get the exposure and credit that it deserves. Read it about a year ago and almost wept a couple of times and am not a crier by any means...
  3. andyhaus44

    John Gary Bishop

    Hi everyone, Any John Gary Bishop fans on here, author of Unf*ck yourself? Am meeting him in a couple of weeks and would love to hear your thoughts on his content.
  4. andyhaus44

    Win the day

    Hi everyone, Some of you may have heard of or already use The Momentum tab for Google Chrome and that is a good productivity tool but last night I came across something even better (IMO) called Win the day. What makes Win the day great is that it gives you a deadline for your goal, plus you...
  5. andyhaus44

    Control your environment

    Hi Fastlaners, My side walking in-laws come over to my house a few times a week to visit my 2 year old boy. I am polite to them, but they have an "I" focus, watch a lot of television, complain too much, talk about drama, etc. Just being around them for more than 15 minutes would make any sane...
  6. andyhaus44

    From birth to NFL video

    Hi everyone, Someone previously posted an awesome process video that I believe was a commercial. It showed an NFL player being born, to playing football as a toddler, in grade school, etc. all the way to the NFL and the point of it was to show process and there’s no such thing as an overnight...
  7. andyhaus44

    Best programs to keep your PC running fast

    Hi everyone, A computer repair friend of mine who often tunes up PC's for local residents and businesses told me to just use Avast in order to keep my computer running fast, but there has to be more to it than that. Also currently using Galaxy Utilities 5 but have not noticed much of an...
  8. andyhaus44

    HOT TOPIC Why MJ’s My Fastlane Daily is better than The 10X Planner

    Hi everyone, Not sure if any of you use a day planner or not, but I utilized Grant Cardone’s 10X Day Planner for a long time and recently switched over to MJ’s My Fastlane Daily. I’m already starting to feel more effective. While the 10X Day Planner is good, it is not great like MJ’s My...
  9. andyhaus44

    100 days of 100 blocks challenge

    Hi Fastlaners, Thanks to Lex Deville, I came across and found this great article: and it basically explains how we all get 100 10 hour blocks every day (if we get around 7 hours of sleep). This concept put my habits into...
  10. andyhaus44

    John D. Rockefeller story

    Hi Fastlaners, I cannot confirm or deny that this story is true, but it has a great message to it. A business man was deep in debt and could see no way out. Creditors were chasing him and suppliers were demanding payment. He sat in a park thinking if anything could save his company from...
  11. andyhaus44

    Interesting, true Harry Houdini story

    Many years ago, Harry Houdini was the greatest escape artist in history. He got out of the most incredibly complex lockups, jails, sea trunks thrown into the ocean, handcuffs, straitjackets and safes. He was capable of getting out of everything. He was the equivalent of Siegfried and Roy or some...
  12. andyhaus44

    Have utilized just about every habit tracking app out there and the app is great and incredibly motivating to use - my productivity has gone up since using it. It's free to use and it has a great community of supportive people on there (not nearly as great as the people on here though...
  13. andyhaus44

    Best new habits this year

    Hi Fastlaners, What new habits have you developed this year that you’re most proud of? Here are mine... Became an active member here on the forum Miracle Mornings (thank you for the recommendation in Unscripted, MJ!) Stopped drinking coffee and caffeine (got motivated to do so here in the...
  14. andyhaus44

    Parents, please post your favorite parenting book

    Hi Fastlane Parents, Reading books on parenting can have an enormous positive impact on the affect you have on raising your children - my favorite book is How to be a great dad by Keith Zafren. What is your favorite book on parenting?
  15. andyhaus44

    $5,000 in Brian Tracy courses for free

    Hi Fastlaners, Recently came across these three great videos which are two thorough courses. Not lectures or seminars, but legit courses. On Brian's website, The Power of Personal Achievement course costs $4,000. Total Business Mastery on his website costs $1,000 (he mentioned David Bach and I...
  16. andyhaus44

    Parents, please post your responsibility ideas

    Hello Fastlane Parents, According to Brian Tracy, giving your children high levels of responsibility tends to lead to high levels self esteem, and giving children low levels of responsibility tends to lead to low levels of self esteem. Coming from an age-appropriate standpoint, what are some...
  17. andyhaus44


    Hi everyone, My biggest problem in life is my inability to listen to people. Can anyone please recommend a book or video on how to listen better? Thanks
  18. andyhaus44

    Parents, please post your favorite "Fastlane" toddler book

    Hi Fastlane Parents, What is your favorite "Fastlane" toddler book? Here are some of mine.. It's not what you've got! by Wayne Dyer Oh, the Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss The little engine that could Unstoppable Me! by Wayne Dyer The power of Henry's imagination The amazing adventures of...
  19. andyhaus44

    The Success Principles by Jack Canfield vs. Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio

    Hello, I have read The Success Principles my Jack Canfield three times now and it is a solid read. I skimmed through it to ensure that wasn’t any “do what you love!” Or “follow your passion!” BS and there really isn’t. Am excited to read Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio, as it is a...
  20. andyhaus44

    Worst Slowlane songs

    Hi everyone, As Fastlaners, I’m sure that most of you don’t even know if your radio even works but as I am getting ready to switch lanes from the Slowlane to be Fastlane, I unfortunately constantly hear Slowlane music at the office and am not sure wether to laugh or cringe at the horrific...
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