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  1. Tourmaline

    Best Advice For Buying a Business?

    Sounds like a business in the construction industry is right up your alley then!
  2. Tourmaline

    Best Advice For Buying a Business?

    What draws you to construction? How much do you know about the construction industry? @steelandchrome Given your name, I'd hope a thing or two!
  3. Tourmaline

    Selling Your Business

    What is Action Faking for $500.
  4. Tourmaline

    I have $3,000 in the bank. I don't know what to do!

    I would invest in myself given your age. Keep your eye out for a good Need based business but keep building and training yourself first and foremost until you find that strong Need.
  5. Tourmaline

    O/T: HEALTH A Conversation about death...

    Awesome, I'll check him out as well. Always fun to have my brain tickled, thanks.
  6. Tourmaline

    O/T: HEALTH A Conversation about death...

    I appreciate the link and will watch the entire thing. It seems to be looking at the biology of it, and not the sociological impact of not aging. I have zero doubt that one day people will only die when they choose to or are forced to. It is only a matter of time and of sufficient technology...
  7. Tourmaline

    O/T: HEALTH A Conversation about death...

    @Lex DeVille The difficult question is indeed how long people should live for. The reason they must die is for adaptation and change to take place for the better. The old tend to get set in a way. The new tend to create new ways. Death is a part of nature because it is essential for...
  8. Tourmaline

    Cold Feet Before ReLaunching Business

    Does your brand put out content regularly and have any sort of significant following on social medias?
  9. Tourmaline

    What does it mean to be an Entrepreneur?

    An entrepreneur creates businesses and/or innovates existing ones. Simply buying shares makes you an investor. Simply buying a business and optimizing it makes you a businessman. Entrepreneurs forge into the unknown and create new.
  10. Tourmaline

    Is it ethical to copy a business?

    It is unethical to copy their pictures and their copywriting. Copying their business model and catalog and everything else is fine.
  11. Tourmaline

    MEETUPS 2020 Fastlane Summit at Talking Stick Resort... Preliminary Feelers!

    Very interested! Glad to see the summit is returning. :blush:
  12. Tourmaline

    HOT TOPIC MorningRod - What do you think about my invention?

    I'd buy it. $200 seems reasonable. $250 I could swing. $300 would be a little steep. Maybe give a little discount when buying multiple. Say $900 for 5? Sorry if this has been answered already, but is this patented? @danielfrenkel I would look for investors to get this mass manufactured if...
  13. Tourmaline

    Taxes on Averages

    From what I can tell, yeah an LTD is the equivalent of an LLC.
  14. Tourmaline

    OFF-TOPIC Time to shake things up: Universal Basic Income?

    @LittleWolfie When I say free markets I mean a well regulated market that makes a fair market that helps produce wealth and eliminate poverty. It's not about me and my profits. Capitalism needs regulations to function well. Without regulations you end up with people not being able to start...
  15. Tourmaline

    OFF-TOPIC What is happiness?

    The pursuit of the ideal state of man will produce fulfillment. Although freedom is its own aspect. Maslow's also describes stages of fulfillment. A crucial aspect imo is appreciation for life. If someone hates life, hates having being born, it will likely be impossible for them to be happy or...
  16. Tourmaline

    How to help society's mindset

    @Brewmacker Economic simulators are really good at showing that things snowball. At first you barely have any income and have to be on top of all your costs. But once you get going you buy bigger and bigger things more quickly that produce more and more money. What took a year to buy in the...
  17. Tourmaline

    OFF-TOPIC Time to shake things up: Universal Basic Income?

    @LittleWolfie When people say free markets, they do not typically mean radical free markets. A fair and useful free market requires regulations to prevent larger players from dominating and forcing out smaller players through unfair tactics. @Kevin88660 Welfare programs already remove...
  18. Tourmaline

    OFF-TOPIC What is happiness?

    Thanks for the replies so far! @broswoodwork says Happiness is in the pursuit of the ideal end state of being as good and virtuous as possible both internally and externally. @Rawseed says Happiness is created by the journey or process towards fulfillment through helping others. @ChrisV says...
  19. Tourmaline

    How to help society's mindset

    They exist. They're not very exciting. It just becomes more of the same. Need some sort of story line and drama. Otherwise you feel like a robot. That said, maybe you'd like Rise of Industry? It was fun for about 4 hours. I really enjoyed Tropico 4 earlier this year. Economy + Dictatorship = Fun
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