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    Need Help - Car rental

    Hi, Me and a business partner want to rent out luxury cars (BMWs, etc). We have all the insurance stuff figured out, but the issue is business location. We have two of the following options: 1. To start the business out of our garage. - Pros - Cheap and don't have to worry about making lease...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Pirate websites

    How do pirate websites have enough money to stay online? websites like,, (he's a millionaire) The ads they have on there websites don't really pay out that much. How do they stay alive!?
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    Used/Old celliular phones

    Does anyone know where one can find old/used unlocked GSM phones for sale in bulk? There is a market that I would like to go into.
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    Internet Marketing

    Any suggests on which Internet marketing book I should read? Thanks
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    Got $10,000 what to do with it?

    I'm a full time student with a business on the side that's doing alright. Not sure If I want to dump more money into it. I have $10,000 cash as of now and I wanted to know what are my options. I found this one development firm that projects that If I invest $10,010 that I will get 27% return...
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    Wholesale phones

    Where can I buy wholesale phones like the N95-4 or the LG prada. I found websites like but I'm not sure how legit some of the dealers on the website are. I also came across websites like gsmexchange, but they require you to buy 500-1000 minimum quantity. Thats retarded. It usually...
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    Earning per share

    Hey guys, I have a quick question, it might be stupid, but I don't understand it right now. Aquiline Resources Inc. (AQI) has shown increase in there shares, but why is the earning per share negative for the past three years. Here are graphs. Thanks for the help in advanced :D
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    Wake Up and Smell the Coffee! (by Sean Brodrick)

    The Federal Reserve cut both its federal funds rate and the discount window rate a generous half percentage point yesterday, in an effort to prop up a cratering U.S. real estate market, and to prevent the economy from slipping into recession. At the same time, the Fed noted that, "Some...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Paying yourself

    How do you decide how to pay yourself whenever your running your business?
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    Hey guys some of you may know me from LP my username on that website is CNDLAMBO. PhXMJ great website man!
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