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  1. Achieve_Bay

    what are your thoughts on GoFundMe?

    no need to apologize, any criticism is always welcome. And I too thought the same as you, which is why I was very hesitant to create the page in the first place. Nobody in our group was very familiar with GoFundMe so we didn't know how these things worked, and as we tried to familiarize...
  2. Achieve_Bay

    what are your thoughts on GoFundMe?

    That is really good advice. My company created this goFundMe (Shameless plug link here) a weeks ago and I was thinking if there were other sites. I'll give them a look, thank you. It does seem a little off to me to ask for money in this sort of manner, but our lead animator proposed the idea...
  3. Achieve_Bay

    Can you guys critique my google and fb ads

    from my experience posting on Google Ads (I have no experience with facebook ads, sorry lol) is that people tend to just ignore and scroll past the ad results and just look at the organic regular results. This can be countered with a eye-catching Google Ad title. For example: My company works...
  4. Achieve_Bay

    How do i find friends?

    to be completely fair, small talk is what 90% of people like talking about from my experience. That, and talking about themselves. It is really hard to find friends as an adult because it's not like you can go up to people and say 'hey want to be my friend?' plus asking people who you've just...
  5. Achieve_Bay

    what are your thoughts on GoFundMe?

    to be completely honest I have no idea what that is. I just wanted to show support to others' forums especially when I only read other users posting negativity haha I just wanted to tip the scales a little
  6. Achieve_Bay

    what are your thoughts on GoFundMe?

    sorry I didn't finish my thought I was going to finish writing everything out this morning, must've posted it by accident. What I mean is do you support the idea behind businesses using GoFundMe as a means to ask people to support their business? Or do you guys think it is the business'...
  7. Achieve_Bay

    what are your thoughts on GoFundMe?

    Do you guys support the idea that businesses can use GoFundMe as a means to receive money to reach a certain goal, or do you think it is their responsibility to reach these goals and milestones just purely off their profits and sales alone? Do you guys feel as if a GoFundMe page is getting in...
  8. Achieve_Bay

    Capitalizing on Your Physiology (No, Not That)

    ngl when I read 'capitalizing on your physiology' I thought you meant cam modeling or something lol
  9. Achieve_Bay

    What would add $2077.50 (usd) in value to you?

    probably pay half the deposit I need for our new office for our company
  10. Achieve_Bay

    RANT Before you made your first $1 online, did you ever felt like giving up?

    it took me 2 months to get my first client in my business, and that stubborn a$$ client took another month on top of that to actually pay me. I can't even explain all the pain and turmoil along with the depression and second guessing on whether I did the right thing by investing in myself like...
  11. Achieve_Bay

    Ongoing List of Life Hacks: Save Time and Money

    Number 4 caught me off guard for a second not even going to lie lol
  12. Achieve_Bay

    What is the Trend right now?

    anything digital tbh
  13. Achieve_Bay

    Finally quit my job!

    congratulations!! I quit my job at your age too
  14. Achieve_Bay

    Good-looking entrepreneurs

    it's a very helpful tool to utilize if you're a woman in an industry that is centered around helping people look good...I on the other hand am neither so I don't think it'd help
  15. Achieve_Bay

    How hard is it to actually find a good business idea?

    you just need to see what can be improved In your everyday life and try to sell it off to others
  16. Achieve_Bay

    GOLD! From 0 To $240,000 Per Year PROFIT In 18 Months

    this is really an awesome plan, wish you the best!
  17. Achieve_Bay

    The 90 Day Focus Challenge

    definitely something I'm going to give a try. Thank you for the share
  18. Achieve_Bay

    What Catches Your Attention?? MJ said he would answer it on the forum.

    as a consumer what catches my attention is something I'm either already looking for (example being: if I'm actively looking for a new TV, and I hear something good about a certain brand) or something that is related to one of my interests (example: I'm a huge Superhero guy, so if I see something...
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