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    What is the best way to learn copywriting?

    I think that becoming a copywriter is tough work and takes a lot of time. First of all, you need to read a lot. And it has not only to be specific literature but also books of different genres to expand your vocabulary. Secondly, you need to make your grammar perfect. You can practice it only...
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    What's the best way to study maths?

    Find a good teacher. Maths is a discipline that you have to understand from the very beginning to the very end. As my maths teacher once said, you can't build the 20th floor of a house unless you've built the previous 19 floors. That's the wisdom. Another question is — where to find a good...
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    What are your trusted resources? There is too many 'information' out there.

    I don't know how can we trust something nowadays. I prefer news on proven channels and newspapers.
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    What’s your Meaning of Life?

    Purpose of life is to live as cool life as you can. Travel, love, spend time with friends
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    How do i find friends?

    It's easy to find friends. Just be open to people, go somewhere public, start conversations, don't be afraid. Also, you can use special apps to meet new people.
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