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  1. Entre Eyes

    HOT TOPIC MorningRod - What do you think about my invention?

    Another angle to include... SECURITY market. When people are away they can help give the impression of someone inside the home.
  2. Entre Eyes

    "Good Luck Being a Saver" CNBC Clip

    Suze Orman got to love her telling people to sacrifice but never tells them they should be Making Millions with Books and DVDs as an Entrepreneur as she is doing.
  3. Entre Eyes

    Self-made teen millionaires

    I love a good Entrepreneurial story but Self Made is a bit of a stretch when you find out the Parents are in that exact field of expertise. Matters not one bit...I still love it.
  4. Entre Eyes

    RANT Decided to take action and add Value

    You are trying to present value, you are receptive to honest opinion that is great. Did you settle for your Avatar to be sideways or on purpose my friend? You are breaking people's brains a little bit. You have on a suit. Professional...sideways.
  5. Entre Eyes

    INTRO Rejoice

    Def Welcome. We do not discuss but if you chose to, hey they are still Markets and you can make money right in those markets. We all will help you get there because same principles apply. Just another option. ;)
  6. Entre Eyes

    How hard is it to actually find a good business idea?

    I was reading where someone was amazed at a younger person already making $5000 online then I saw their next posts and it all seemed to deal with very deep abstract thinking topics. We sometimes have to treat every 24 hours as an opportunity to sell something if we are Entrepreneurs or...
  7. Entre Eyes

    How should my daughter sell 100 chocolate bars?

    Very good insights I agree with them but have you seen the before and after photos of First Day Back to School? :eek::smile2: It would also be a 2 sided coin for the laydown easy conversions she would get.
  8. Entre Eyes

    HOT TOPIC At what age did you start to get your shit together?

    I wonder what the Wolf of Wall Street would say. :devil:
  9. Entre Eyes

    HOT TOPIC At what age did you start to get your shit together?

    So jealous of young people these days. Mail Order sucked. Sorry you old school DMers. These days you can cure stuff you just heard of 15 mins ago doing a search.
  10. Entre Eyes

    HOT TOPIC At what age did you start to get your shit together?

    You mean like Carpe Diem and have 6 pack abs AND have recurring income set up and paying everything on time and not jerking off production time or any type of over indulgent tendencies or addictions and paying people back that were there for you and being Self Made but not Selfish? Started and...
  11. Entre Eyes

    RANT Before you made your first $1 online, did you ever felt like giving up?

    Wanting the course you can not afford or the Coach you can not afford can surely be frustrated. But then if you compare Successful Website Income Statements, and see the first month to the current month you begin to understand. Or like Sold Auctions compared to just Forum Posts you get a...
  12. Entre Eyes

    How should my daughter sell 100 chocolate bars?

    Is she familiar with the term Medicinal? Girl Scouts sure are!
  13. Entre Eyes

    WEB SCHOOL Current worth

    I already knew before M.J. confirmed there are so many possible spin off opportunities. Joint Ventures away from the Forum but Initiated on the Forum I think a pretty long lists of not so obvious or plainly calculable possibilities.
  14. Entre Eyes

    NOTABLE! Lex DeVille's 2019 Step-By-Step Upwork Tutorial for Brokeass Bootstrap Beginners Who Need Cash Now!

    An do not forget to utilize your Lists that you already have rapport with! You say I do not have a list. Well if you have a mail account like me that I use for all the high quality sign up incentives to join their lists that is now YOUR lists. One day I just got the idea to hit the reply...
  15. Entre Eyes


    I figured that what ever it was could be translated into a lot more than Amazon. Was correct. Thumbs up!
  16. Entre Eyes

    INTRO A new beginning

    Welcome and thanks Malleren. You found a way to intro AND give value. Salute. Now sure your plan will shoot you a message but if you had a Store right now that only made a dollar you would still easily find an investor to Flip it to. Great niche in my opinion...who would be finding your...
  17. Entre Eyes

    Methodology Name

    Compucademy Techy Stuff for Dummies. Just kidding. We do not want Trademark infringement possibilities. Was thinking instead of Method try to make it more end results based for the student.
  18. Entre Eyes

    Feedback needed

    I think it has potential if you give it the proper hook and make it fun. Also invest in an excellent professional copywriter. FabFitFun surpasses $200 million in revenue as it hits million-subscriber milestone. At least one million people will be receiving the next FabFitFun box as the Los...
  19. Entre Eyes

    HOT TOPIC So I learned how to ride a bike this weekend

    Swimming. Saw a tiny kid climb the High Platform and jump off. My jaw dropped. He popped up and did the dog paddle. 5 mins later I was dog paddling/swimming. Ride a Bike I had a cousin that had 2 bikes. I did not know how to ride. His mom my aunt wanted him to stick with me all day haha...
  20. Entre Eyes

    How to get traffic to a new website?

    I see a listbuilder now and good simple enticing invite. Looks like a Bitcoin she is holding you will gain and lose people based on that so be sure that is how you want to roll with it and deliver on. Updated Traffic Resource...
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