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  1. Monkeycom

    EXECUTION Online Marketing Agency

    It's better than nothing. I guess you already read my other thread. It's the exact same process, but instead of targeting B2C prospects, you target B2B ones.
  2. Monkeycom

    EXECUTION Online Marketing Agency

    Cold email is a nice way to quickstart a service business. Feel free to read my thread How to build a successful online business, without relying on any third party (Ecommerce) It applies to service businesses as well. In fact, I built few B2B businesses just with cold email/email marketing...
  3. Monkeycom

    EXECUTION Please critique my VERY FIRST facebook shop!! (all comments welcome)

    Great job for a first time. You should run a like campaign to build some trust. Never forget that: An e-commerce store make money with their database. Building an email list should be your first priority. The money is in the list. Feel free to read How to build a successful online business...
  4. Monkeycom

    How to build a successful online business, without relying on any third party (Ecommerce)

    Nice CPL. It shouldn't be a problem to at least break even at that cost. Then, you have a list for free, on which you can work on at no cost. It's just a matter of time before they convert. Keep us updated! I always wonder why co-reg has such a bad reputation. But I'm happy it has! Did you...
  5. Monkeycom

    INTRO Advice? Newbie Selling Domain Name for First Time - $4,000 USD Initial Offer

    You can use that for everything, and it's a really basic strategy that work most of the time.
  6. Monkeycom

    I CAN't get feedback from my audience

    Well done. Always remember - it's way easier to team up with someone who already has your clients than organically building your customer base!
  7. Monkeycom

    O/T: HEALTH Quick Questions for you from aspiring entreprenuer

    Well done. You'll be able to leverage that for a credibility standpoint. Tim Ferris has made a podcast with two young entrepreneurs, in the back pain market. You should try to reach them to see if you can do something with them, as you have (almost) the degree.
  8. Monkeycom

    How to build a successful online business, without relying on any third party (Ecommerce)

    Interesting results. You seem to have a good offer, and a good experience with PPC. Congrats! Now, it's your job to work on them until they produce in average $1/lead/month. Test different offers, different parameters, analyse and adjust. Then, it's just a number of games. I usually stop the...
  9. Monkeycom

    Has a one on one business coach ever been "worth it" for you?

    Find a who you want to be in the futur and work for him for free.
  10. Monkeycom

    Wealth Through Real Estate

    That's interesting. RE is the only field on which you can (easily) fully finance your project via the banks. It makes a wonderful leverage to create wealth.
  11. Monkeycom

    INTRO Chriscross way to here

    I'd recommend to go for an online shop. E-commerce is booming, and you're at the perfect time to take some positions. I made my fortune in e-commerce, so I can't recommend it enough. Feel free to read my threads, where I describe exactly how an e-commerce need to be launched to make real money...
  12. Monkeycom

    I CAN't get feedback from my audience

    That's actually a very good idea. I had the exact same issue in France, UK and Spain. 90% of the agents I talked to are totally incompetent. The best way to boostrap an online business is via email marketing. I build several businesses, ranging from B2B agencies, to e-commerce ones, only...
  13. Monkeycom


    What's your marketing plan ? I found the best way to market a new business is via email marketing. Feel free to check my threads and send me a pm to bounce ideas about the launch. Best of luck! Oliver
  14. Monkeycom

    Multiple subway franchise?

    I'd have an issue about the control. A wise men told me once "Bad businessman buy franchises. Good businessman create them". You should read the @Walter Hay's book about franchises. Best of luck!
  15. Monkeycom

    What are your trusted resources? There is too many 'information' out there.

    The best source of knowledge is to learn from someone you trust. Find yourself a mentor. And work for him, for free. I'd never be where I am now without my mentors, who became my associate on few others projects.
  16. Monkeycom

    general liability insurance - dropshipping

    Where are your customers located in ?
  17. Monkeycom

    INTRO Cybersecurity Fastlane!

    Congrats! What's your marketing plan ?
  18. Monkeycom

    EXECUTION My pressure washing business thus far

    +1, target people who already have your customers. It still the fastest way to boostrap a business
  19. Monkeycom

    How to build a successful online business, without relying on any third party (Ecommerce)

    How did you end up the day ? The giveaway funnel is one of the model I applied over the years, well done! The aim is to breakeven on the front-end. The real money is made on the backend. Basically, you're building yourself an asset, for free! In which niche are your working on ? You've a good...
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