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    EXECUTION Looking for Investors/Lenders on current business project

    Can anyone direct me or know any Investors/Lenders? Any suggestions? Currently in a middle of a business project and needing more capital to finish it and to fully get it up and running. SBA and traditional loans does not seem to not work. Perhaps Venture Capitalist? Any help and suggestions...
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    INTRO Hello! Back after so many years!

    Hey you guys! Thought i'd start over again and introduce myself since I was gone for years and years. Been long time no see and connected with you guys. I see how this place grew overtime and nice to see most people still here that I met. I was at the gathering in Scottsdale Arizona back in...
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    MARKETPLACE Re: Fastlane Marketplace Rules

    Selling great condition Tmobile Blackberry curve with New charging cradle and New Bluetooth handsfree + more for only $250.
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    OFF-TOPIC Rest in Peace Sandra Cantu. Tracy Ca.

    Anyone that seen this story in our hometown Tracy, Ca. Our prayer goes out to the families of Sandra Cantu. She was only 8 years old. Heart broken for everyone that touch the heart of the community of Tracy, Ca. by Sandra Cantu. It's very sad as my 8 yr old son goes to this same school knew her...
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    O/T: FUNNY May i take your order?

    Check this menu out! Which one do you like? lol...:eusa_clap: May I take your order?
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    HOT TOPIC What am i thinking of?

    Well folks... Company i work for (car dealership) just sold to new ownership. Used to be owned by corporation and now its owned by father and son family business. Company hired me back in force but i'm thinking off quitting with no backup. I'm stupid to even thinking of doing this with no backup...
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    Restaurant anyone?

    I'd like to know your input on starting a restaurant? What are the things to look for before jumping into it? Lease, employees, location etc...? Anyone here has a restaurant?
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    Help in marketing and finding out the needs of people

    I'd like to find out your input on what i do now temporarily. I work for car industry selling cars for Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep. It's a struggle now in this industry because of economy. I don't rely on being here someday so i'd like to take advantage of my pay plan and build some $ for other...
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    The Y (WHY) Concept Direction

    I thought this needed a seperate thread for our newbie and next generation Fastlaners! To clear up to everyone of this concept. I call it the Y (WHY?) direction? It is basically taking advantage living with your parents (bottom of Y) till age ? you leave home (middle of Y). Learn...
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    Did $$$ make you happy or ? Did you lose anything in process?

    Does anyone feel that money made them happy or the other way? It brought freedom yes but how bout the things lost in the process? Like your GF that did'nt have same thinking or spouse if anyone got into divorce. family member that got mad at you etc... Your inner self of being nice turned to...
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    REAL ESTATE please delete duplicate

    sorry please delete
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    REAL ESTATE Short sale then Foreclosure...

    Well...Here i go again planning on moving.:nonod: I just moved to this current home last year. Sad to say i cant afford it any longer and i've exhausted my equity line. I should've seen this coming. I kept getting money out to support and pay my mortgage to keep up with this home and my family...
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    Story on how to get your spouse in same mindset of getting rich?

    Can someone share story on how to get your spouse in same mindset of getting rich, investing, business etc...? Thanks everyone!
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    REAL ESTATE Rent it out or sell it?

    I have this home 45 minutes away from my current residence. Heres the neg arm loan scenario: Minimum only $1035.19 Interest only $1637 P and I $18xx 15 yr $xxxx I owe $256k and line $64k and its probably worth the payoff on both loans. Its was rented before for $1345 but now just sat for...
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    Hello everyone! Im new to this site...

    Hello everyone...I'm new to the site and hope to figure out how to navigate around the forum.:)
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