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  1. cautiouscapy

    This is probably a fantastic advert for this coffee shop

    I'll bet they are far, far busier than they've ever been, these last couple of days. What a marketing opportunity.*ckoffee-coffee-shop-sign_n_8356332.html?utm_hp_ref=mostpopular If it were my shop, I'd be having merchandise printed saying "the...
  2. cautiouscapy

    Christmas Beard Decorations

    One for @pickeringmt - blog entry maybe ;-) Note that the profits from sales of these go to an Australian melanoma charity - a pretty dumb idea otherwise. Disclaimer - I don't know if these 2 UK newspaper sites are available in the US? The 3rd link should work if not...
  3. cautiouscapy

    Any Expats in Bankok?

    Given the coup in Thailand, I was just curious if there are any forum members there right now? I think there are; just curious about how they are dealing with it if anyone cares to comment.
  4. cautiouscapy

    "How he did it" news story about British Entrepreneur

    Not sure if this is viewable globally - can a mod please delete if not? Inspiring; "Interesting" analyses by the psychologist and business journalist.
  5. cautiouscapy

    The Tim Ferris Experiment

    I say this every time I mention Mr Ferris - I'm ambivalent about him, he certainly isn't someone I would or could emulate. That said, he's great at skills-hacking, cutting things down to the essentials. So I bet this is fun to watch, and educational...
  6. cautiouscapy

    An Inspiring Tim Ferris Blog Post

    I could give the impression I'm a huge Tim Ferris fan. I'm not a slavish follower of his approach, it's not "me". However I'm frequently inspired by pieces of his work. This one made me feel much better about myself and where I'm at from time-to-time, thought others might appreciate it...
  7. cautiouscapy

    Techniques for uncovering unconcious money beliefs (and changing them!)?

    I am absolutely certain there are already threads about this on here, but I haven't managed to find them. A friend and I were discussing our early messages about money, how those influence our unconcious beliefs now, and how to shift them. Does anyone please have any suggestions for threads on...
  8. cautiouscapy

    Good Afternoon from the UK

    Done it. Been lurking a while, just paid for Insider Membership. Time to step out of the shadows and say "Hi". MJ says in the guidelines: "the purpose of this forum is to create positive, motivational and accelerative winds for our users". Yes please. Actually a (fairly gentle)...

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