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    I want to send you a private message. Is it possible?
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    .NET, .ORG and other extensions...

    Do you think it is really worthwhile to register the .net, .org, and other extensions of your domain name? Any thoughts?
  3. L

    US Working VISA

    Does anyone know the process in getting a US Work Visa? This would be for a Canadian. Any information would be wonderful.
  4. L

    Selling Domain Names (Marketing Strategies)

    Does anyone have any tips/tricks they would like to share on selling their domain names? Any marketing tactics they have? I have a few domains I'd like to sell and I'm interested in hearing some fastlaners opinions! I'm sure others would be interested in hearing as well :)
  5. L

    1031 Exchange question :

    Does Canada have a 1031 exchange equivalent does anyone know? I've been formulating a part of my plan and I can't seem to find any information for Canadians about a 1031 exchange equivalent. Thanks.
  6. L

    So your interested in starting a website...

  7. L

    Business Plan Templates

    Anyone have a good business plan template that they can recommend? It will be for internal use only. Thanks.
  8. L

    Question for MJ and Other Programmers

    For server side coding, what is better in your professional opinion? PHP? or ASP.NET? Why? What are the main differences between the two (other than the fact that ASP is microsoft and PHP is open source)? Is one more reliable than the other? Need your opinions! Hopefully this question helps...
  9. L

    Jobs to move you into the fastlane : Brainstorm

    What jobs (specific jobs) can you think of that you should undertake so that you can move into the fastlane? This thread could potentially help fellow members make a decision early on or help others that feel "stuck" in their current situation, and that can propel them into the fastlane more...
  10. L

    Business structures and Canada - Q for Diane and others

    What are the best business structures for Canada and why?
  11. L

    Pagination Class in PHP

    Does any developer out there have a simple pagination class in PHP that they use or recommend?
  12. L

    Domain Registration Process Behind the Scenes Question

    Just had a quick question regarding the domain registration process. As an owner of multiple domains, I just registered them without actually understanding the internal processes of what is going on behind the scenes Can anyone chime in on what actually happens when you register a domain, say...
  13. L

    Working an Apartment strategy... Need Advice

    Right now, I'm building my apartment investing strategy. I'm starting from nothing. When your starting out, and trying to build a big enough portfolio to be able to leave the "rat-race" and live off the cash flow, how do you determine at what stages in the portfolio building to a) sell your...
  14. L

    Quick Question for SteveO and others

    What is a realistic figure for getting started in the apartments thesedays?
  15. L

    'You've got to find what you love', Jobs says.

    Great Article that I thought I would share with everyone. This is the text of the Commencement address by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, delivered on June 12, 2005. I am honored to be with you today at your commencement from one of the finest universities...
  16. L

    Domain name security (safety)

    I thought this question might be interesting to individuals in the E-business. How safe is your domain name after you have registered it through the registrar? Meaning, for example, you register your domain name through Godaddy, is there any means of precautions to take to ensure a third party...
  17. L


    Has anyone used Dreamweaver before to build their website? Pros? Cons? MP
  18. L


    What are the types of things you were or still are sacrificing while building/maintaining your businesses? For me, the hardest part for friends to understand is when I have to say no to them to go out because I have business issues to deal with. Seems its very hard for them to understand the...
  19. L

    A problem I see with some people who want to start a business

    Speaking from observation here, there is a similar problem I see with a lot of people who want to start their own business. What happens is that they get this idea, and they start to PLAN. After they plan for weeks/months, they start to plan more, and more and more, but never take any action to...
  20. L

    Something that got you through the hardtimes?

    What is something that has gotten you through the hard times of running your own business? For me, everytime I run into something that has frusterated me, I pop in Tony Robbin's "AWAKEN THE GIANT WITHIN" CD and I'm remotivated. He truly helps one realize your true potential and the actual power...

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