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  1. pickeringmt

    Payment Processing For High Risk Products

    I have been trying to find a way to process credit card payments for Kratom. It looks like it is pretty much impossible. I am looking for legitimate credit card processing options for Kratom orders in the US. I tried digging into how other companies are doing it and the only thing I can find...
  2. pickeringmt


    I got this book on Audible, and it has ROCKED my world! This book is an in-depth, detailed look at the future of entrepreneurship - and how you can make a "dent in the universe" Check it out for sure!
  3. pickeringmt

    Looking for ideas?

    I stumbled across this site earlier today, and it seemed like a great place for somebody looking for ideas. The Internet Wishlist
  4. pickeringmt

    THE Secret Lifehack from the 2015 Meetup...

    The person that got off of the airplane yesterday is not the same one that got on a plane to Phoenix 3 days before. My entire belief system has changed. I was lucky enough to get a ride from the airport from a Fastlane action hero ;) One of the first questions he asked me was, "What do you...
  5. pickeringmt

    What apps are you using?

    Hey everybody, I just wanted to get some insider opinions on some great apps worth buying. I have about $20 of credit with the Google app store that expires in a few days, so I am looking for stuff that is worth having. Thought it would be interesting to ask members on the forum.
  6. pickeringmt

    Two Kinds Of People...

    We all come to this forum because we believe in ourselves. We believe that we possess something at our core that sets us apart - something that makes us above average. Lately I have been reflecting on the what it is that actually makes me happy. Not happy in the fantasy world of reaching some...
  7. pickeringmt

    The Process of Creating A Real Product

    One of the best parts of this forum, and pretty much the backbone of what makes The Millionaire Fastlane so powerful, is the fact that you get people speaking from their experience. Some of the threads on here from guys like @MJ DeMarco, @biophase , @JackEdwards , @AllenCrawley , @SteveO , and...
  8. pickeringmt

    Want to get more done?

    I just finished up a new ToDo list and I am really happy with it. I can't take credit for it completely - it is based off of a list someone shared on reddit in r/productivity. Anyways, I know this will help me and I hope it can be useful for some other members of this forum!
  9. pickeringmt

    Getting Things Done

    Hey, I just wanted to open up a thread and talk about the ways we build the habit of success into our lives. I am a big fan of David Allen's book "Getting Things Done" and have been working towards the full implementation of his system with a few twists of my own. I recommend reading this book...
  10. pickeringmt

    Cash flows

    Hey, just wanted to share an awesome post about cash flows from a different perspective. It reminds me a lot of some of the things that Jack Edwards talks about in his starting a business thread Check it out
  11. pickeringmt

    What will you ask?

    So I am actually starting to track down some local entrepreneurs, and I will be getting together for some one-on-ones in the near future. Of course, the question arises - what are you going to ask them? I already have several things in mind, but I know that this is a big part of this community...
  12. pickeringmt

    My business so far

    Hey there, I am new here and I am about 50 pages out from finishing TMF, but it has had a profound effect on my whole perspective on what I want out of life. I'd say I have been slowly discovering the Fastlane ideology for the past couple of years on my own, so having this amazing source of...
  13. pickeringmt

    Found the Fastlane

    Hey everybody, My name is Ian and I am from Montana. I am currently in the process of reading the Fastlane, so I haven't finished it yet. It is definitely one of the "top 5" for me though, and putting the book into action is quickly becoming one of the main goals of my life. I realized a...

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