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    $120k in the bank and 22 years old feeling lost

    Hi Financedragon, hell of an intro! You're way ahead of most user here, me included. Dude, you're only 22! Don't overthink this, I second everything the others have already posted. You already have success: keep going! It's interesting that you're doing tutoring. I considered it myself a few...
  2. E

    Fastlane Success (8 figure exit!) - Now Back to the Starting Ground !!

    GOLD! HOT! 
    Thanks for the detailed answer! So, most of the ideas for things to improve came by using them yourself - that makes sense! If you don't mind, I'm really interested in the product generation part: you mentioned the automotive accessory. I take it you had this accessory on your car (bought from...
  3. E

    Fastlane Success (8 figure exit!) - Now Back to the Starting Ground !!

    GOLD! HOT! 
    Congratulations! It's hard to imagine what struggles you must have had - and overcome - over the years! Maybe it sounds funny but I believe I would have an easier time growing and optimizing a business than getting it started. To me, the start of a business has always been the big mystery. Can...
  4. E

    Is entrepreneurship something you're born with?

    This. I have no statistical evidence to back it up but I'm sure that, e.g., children of entrepreneurs are more likely to become entrepreneurs themselves. Once you 'start' (which is the toughest part - just as with everything else), I imagine you could enter a positive feedback loop: you seek...
  5. E

    I start my idea today (eCommerce + POD)

    I've been a long-time lurker on this forum and have been following your posts. I wish I could give you some some advice but to be honest you are way ahead of me in the entrepreneurial journey. So, I'll stick to what I can do. And that is telling you that I deeply admire your dedication and...
  6. E

    Intro of 35yo project manager trying to find his way into the FL

    Hi everyone, first of all I'd like to say thank you to MJ and this community! You guys are awesome, an inspiration, and - oh boy - do you make me feel inadequate! In this post I want to introduce myself. I will tell you a bit about myself how I got in contact with the Fastlane and this forum...

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