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    Stop reading self-improvement books

    As someone who has read a lot of non-fiction, my advice is know when to stop. Somebody asked on this forum, what book to read after TMF, and got very insightful advice: don't read any. Just take action. Just because a book is in a self-improvement section at Barnes & Noble does not mean that it...
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    Setting health goals

    Once I got this idea from Brian Tracy that one can set health goals. I tried this idea at some point in the past, and it worked! Certain health difficulties used to consume hours of my time every week, sometimes more than 10 hours. I cannot say that I have solved the issues completely, but...
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    My experience going to a Timeshare sales presentation

    Watched the fake guru video. It is simply excellent. I think it's the quality of the editing and the artistic presentation that made it successful, among other things. Let me share my own experience of attending a Wyndham hotel "timeshare" presentation — maybe you make a future video about...
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    Become a freelance tutor and make $50-100/hour or more

    This forum has taught me much, and I would love to give back and share some of my experience. Why tutor? If you are a college grad with a decent command of English, math and/or a particular subject, this is a great way to make side cash when you need it while meeting new people and building...
  5. F

    Value for employees other than money

    What can motivate a great employee to work for a below-market salary? In other words, what would be a way to hire someone brilliant on a limited budget? Some options I am aware of: 1. Equity / profit sharing / other forms of financial upside in the future. This is not always practical if e.g...
  6. F

    The SlowLane of yoga, pilates, and fitness classes

    Background: I have 10+ years of dance training. I perform ballet, and I have taught Argentine Tango and yoga. I did not, however, start as a kid; my first background was in math and programming. I have been through more than my fair share of open classes in dance, yoga, pilates, and a bunch of...

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