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  1. Caroleen M

    What happens when you quit your job?

    Is it type one or type two, if I may ask... If type two, your goal should be to get healthy enough so that you no longer need the insulin.
  2. Caroleen M

    Just bought a house for $9,000...

    Congrats!!! Send us photos (if you want, of course). I love photos of houses with character but, still need a bit of love...
  3. Caroleen M

    Spend a lot of time on your laptop? Here's a simple way to 2X your productivity & get **** done!

    Hi Xolorr, That valuable post took time, I'm assuming; thanks a lot for caring to share! I might give it a try for a week or two. Mind you my good ol' fashion pen and notebook have worked really well for me for the last 18 months, but I may incorporate the "GOALS'' concept. :-)
  4. Caroleen M

    Has Amazon become a monopoly?

    MJ, They have done the same when it comes to Amazon Prime. Which means that my title's 'watch time', thus earnings will be lower than what it used to be. Same here with making a rotten deal sound like they're offering you fresh honey on a silver baby spoon: apparently the "upside with...
  5. Caroleen M

    GOT Fired and hired myself .

    That's the old way of doing things... with the internet, you no longer need to do open mics gigs or tour... there are a few platforms out there that cater to a market that's hungry for good tunes. (Not to mention that not every music genre is suitable for live performances. Most are, but a few...
  6. Caroleen M

    GOT Fired and hired myself .

    As a creative myself, I can totally relate to earning money from your craft. All the best with it!
  7. Caroleen M

    Hi everyone, film producer from Australia!

    Y Thanks, Timmy, I am not on here nearly as much as I would like since I am busy developing my upcoming feature... Soon I hope I'll have more time to dig into all the wealth of knowledge created by all of you guys and MJ (of course). :-)
  8. Caroleen M

    Hi everyone, film producer from Australia!

    MJ, "Very impressive" is a true compliment coming from you. Thanks. We will be crowdfunding in just a few weeks on Indiegogo to gather the last bit of funding needed to get us through our ultimate round of production. Exciting but so many things to set-up, still. We crowdsourced successfully...
  9. Caroleen M

    Hi everyone, film producer from Australia!

    --------- Thanks for your kind words FastNAwesome! The film was definitely a labour of love. Lots of energy, focussed action and dedication. Even when other poopooed my idea! Today I receive emails from all over the world from people thanking me for creating this film (it's now subtitled in five...
  10. Caroleen M

    Hi everyone, film producer from Australia!

    Hi MJ! Thanks for your outstanding work and producing so much value for people! I produce and direct documentaries on health and nutrition ( As the name indicates, it was about paleo (and the first ever docu to cover paleo as a lifestyle). The film is doing quite well on all...
  11. Caroleen M

    I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    GOLD! HOT! 
    Read that one first. Liked it and immediately went on to looking for more MJ stuff as I needed MORE. I was hungry for that fix. I like playing the audiobook over and over again as reinforcement. I turn off the internet on my phone and let it play in my audible app to let all of the good advice...
  12. Caroleen M

    I've Read UNSCRIPTED!

    GOLD! HOT! 
    Read it. Love it. Currently applying it. :-) @MJ DeMarco
  13. Caroleen M

    Irish filmmaker and now a fastlane student

    Thanks for that great observation, Bert. What you have described is exactly what I do: staying true to myself and my artistic endeavours. I tell you, it is not always easy to do so with the pull of successful YouTubers making a racket on the platform whilst growing huge followings. But...
  14. Caroleen M

    video documentary guy

    It is a very long and arduous process! A book can be written with very little outlay of cash. It requires little investment, even at the high-end ones. A film, not so much, unfortunately. I worked tirelessly for almost three years with NO INCOME whatsoever before our docu was released...
  15. Caroleen M

    Irish filmmaker and now a fastlane student

    If I may, I have just joined and am also a filmmaker. For me, it is a matter of creating more than one revenue channel and also being cognizant of the fact that films take large outputs of money to be created. There's also the fact that a film has a shelf life. Meaning, nowadays, your film his...
  16. Caroleen M

    Hi everyone, film producer from Australia!

    Hi there, My name is Caroleen, and I am interested in the unscripted life! Always have been. I once had a fashion store and to be honest haven't held a "job" for 5 years now. I read both of MJ's books (actually listened to the audiobooks) and find them fascinating. I live in Australia and...

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