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  1. Surf16

    Masterminds and Building My Own

    Update #2 1. Going back and forth with the developer to finalize the website 2. Officially an LLC 3. Website is (right now it is just a funnel to get people's email) 4. Private Facebook Group has 40 members. So far I have black belts in Jiu-Jitsu and Krav Maga, Weapons...
  2. Surf16

    Masterminds and Building My Own

    I interpret it as you being a kick a$$ Savage my friend!!! And you are a perfect example of what I tell people. It’s better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war! (Stolen quote from I can’t remember)
  3. Surf16

    Masterminds and Building My Own

    Don’t get me wrong, I love me some turn down service. But I am prepared everywhere we go. Not to be a smart a$$ but what is the “monster”? A lot of people say that once they “see red” their attacker will regret it. But unless you have been put into uncomfortable/stressful situations in a...
  4. Surf16

    Masterminds and Building My Own

    Yes, I am in CA in South Orange County. And I do not know the stats of attacks in or around my area. But if I was only training and acquiring skills to be Hard to Kill according to my location then I would never leave my little bubble, however nice it is. I spend a lot of time in Cabo, take...
  5. Surf16

    Masterminds and Building My Own

    100% agree! Avoid violence at all cost. Which I do. But... When you have exhausted all avenues to defuse the situation and the threat is still present and becomes violent... then you respond with another level of violence. And I definitely would not ask you to leave the thread. I love all...
  6. Surf16

    Masterminds and Building My Own

    Wow, thank you guys for all the input. While I agree with some I disagree with others. I think the confusion comes from this being a membership to get you to become a "Savage" which suggest being a "brute" or "nasty" person. In my training we are taught to respond to violence with violence...
  7. Surf16

    Masterminds and Building My Own

    Thank you for your insight. I don't want to make this a tutorial group. I want to make it a hub for people to come and learn Self-Defense knowledge (where to train, how to get started, proper technique, ask questions to experts in the field, etc.). I agree that you can't learn to fight or...
  8. Surf16

    Masterminds and Building My Own

    I agree. I figure they are paying for the people that aren't in the group rather then the people that are. When I tend to pay for things I pay attention more. I was a personal trainer 20+ years ago and realize people are generally lazy. Savage Syndicate will hopefully be a place to motivate...
  9. Surf16

    Masterminds and Building My Own

    Absolutely nothing. I am planning on this as well. But I don't want to be fiddling with my phone when doing training techniques. But I get the point. Content building is going to be a huge part of this. I've been posting more on FB and Instagram about daily tactics to help people be Hard to...
  10. Surf16

    Masterminds and Building My Own

    It won't be a geographical group. Anyone, anywhere can join. Obviously we want to get the average person into a gym or studio to learn the tactics we will be discussing. But so many people I find are intimidated or have a lot of questions about how to get involved. I want to provide the value to...
  11. Surf16

    Masterminds and Building My Own

    I was going to change $50 per month -I want to build a community. The goal is to have about 20 professionals in different martial arts, tactical training, etc. and the rest average citizens who can ask questions and learn from the more experienced people. I find the information I have (that I...
  12. Surf16

    Masterminds and Building My Own

    Agreed. I want to hire a professional video guy to come to events or trainings with me so I can put tons of content together from what I am already doing. But also have more personalized videos like "how to get out of a choke hold" or "how to improve situational awareness" type of videos.
  13. Surf16

    Masterminds and Building My Own

    Great idea with the Discomfort Club. I have a first tier of people I want to invite.. My fighting circle I've acquired over the years of training. I will also invite everyone in the mastermind groups. A lot of them have said they will join just on the information I have shared already within...
  14. Surf16

    Masterminds and Building My Own

    Over the last 2 years I have joined three different mastermind groups. I guess I am in 4 now including this group. I have found them HUGELY beneficial. Some things I have learned so far: surrounded by successful people I otherwise wouldn't have access too networking learning from people...
  15. Surf16

    What are your rules of personal finance?

    I just finished reading "The Richest Man in Babylon" by George Samuel Clason. Had some great lessons to take away in regards to making, saving and investing your money.
  16. Surf16

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu... does anyone train?

    Did you ever get some fights under your belt?
  17. Surf16

    8 Eyewear: From Idea, to Launch, to Growth (And Quitting the Job)

    Glad you are doing well Vick. I always refer to your progress thread when thinking of new endeavors for inspiration. Good luck on the new ventures.
  18. Surf16

    Is Tim Ferriss a fraud?

    Exactly where I found MJ and his books as well. I stopped listening to his podcast after that. Went full speed into Fastlane action taking.
  19. Surf16

    Struggling 24 year old, trying to master brainstorming and picking something to run with...

    Surfing is where I do my best brainstorming and thinking about life!
  20. Surf16

    $500,000+ revenue on Shopify!

    @Sanj Modha I have read this forum twice. Thank you for adding great value. Some questions for you: 1. Do you think you would use the same strategy in 2020 as you did in 2016? Find the audience first and build the business around them? Focus on FB ads and Adwords? 2. Do you still direct...

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