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  1. JDE

    Ways to make money for chronically tired or exhausted people

    Great responses here. I've experienced years of health uncertainty myself, and I've worked as a physio with hundreds of people with chronic pain, fatigue, etc. The difference between the people that got better and improved and the ones that didn't was almost always mindset, not whatever...
  2. JDE

    People that know Sales Psychology - Please Help!

    This is all gold man cheers. I'll definitely keep this all in mind, I've definitely been doing the overcoming objections they might not even have thing for a while now.
  3. JDE

    People that know Sales Psychology - Please Help!

    Background - In my business I help connect motivated house sellers with local investors who are looking to buy. If no investors are interested, usually the best option is listing on the market traditionally, which I can help with / do because I have my license. So far I have been very laid...
  4. JDE

    Can You Train Your Mind to be a Relentless Optimist? (Desert of Desertion)

    I really appreciate the feedback, I'll try and implement something like this. I liked the idea MJ talked about where instead of writing one enormous book all at once with no feedback, he would chop the pieces into blog posts. This made it more psychologically manageable because it wasn't just...
  5. JDE

    Can You Train Your Mind to be a Relentless Optimist? (Desert of Desertion)

    I am currently in a phase of my business right now that MJ called the 'desert of desertion'. I'm putting in the work, I'm putting in the money, but there's little positive feedback yet as my business has not been fully launched. Anyways I've recently found myself looping on 'what if's' like...
  6. JDE

    What does a day in your life look like? (Daily and Weekly Routines)

    Hey fastlaners - so I am at a point where I will be transitioning to entrepreneurship full time in a few months, after working a traditional job for many years. I believe very strongly that we become what we repeatedly do, and that our daily routines and habits have a big impact on our success...
  7. JDE

    Has Moving to a Warm and Sunny Climate Made You Happier?

    Has anyone tried splitting their time between two places? I live in Edmonton Alberta and I love the summers here but I'm disliking the winters more and more every year. Since I don't have a traditional job this might be a little easier for me but I'm wondering if anyone else has experience with...
  8. JDE

    (EXECUTION): How [NOT] to flip a house

    Great call - holding costs are a lot better when there's no financing. Three main challenges people run into when renting mobiles though - First is that in a lot of cases mobile homes aren't built very well, so the capital expenditures / repair costs can be high when constantly fixing them up...
  9. JDE

    (EXECUTION): How [NOT] to flip a house

    I'm now about a week into our third flip. It's been an interesting one so far - the previous owners had removed almost all of the load bearing walls in the house so the ceiling had sunk onto the non load-bearing ones. None of this had shown up on the inspection prior to purchase so we've gone...
  10. JDE

    27 and life feels heavy!

    I am also 27 and had the same thing, you need some Gary Vaynerchuk in your life haha. Listening to him shout at you about how 27 is actually incredibly young in this day and age and that you have nothing but opportunity ahead of you really got me fired back up. I listen to a lot of his podcasts...
  11. JDE

    Fvck relationships and friendships

    Your reality is heavily influenced by your mood, meaning the worse of a mood you're in the more likely you are to be pessimistic about any topic, including about other people like in this thread. We can debate all day on an intellectual level about whether people are good or bad or lazy or...
  12. JDE

    Best hobbies for disconnecting from the hustle?

    I find that if I do too many brainy activities in one sitting my concentration will begin to decline to the point I can't even think or see straight anymore. The best ways I've found to recharge in a short period of time (under 30 min) are - 1. Running (it's almost like doing a complete reset...
  13. JDE

    (EXECUTION): How [NOT] to flip a house

    What's up everyone it's been a while since I've posted an update here but I've had my head down in reno-land for the last three months. We accepted an offer yesterday on flip #2 and couldn't be more pumped about how things went down, I've included a comparison below of flip #1 (ie desert of...
  14. JDE

    (EXECUTION): How [NOT] to flip a house

    Cheers man I really appreciate it! I really appreciate the kind words, it was a lot of fun. There’s two major areas that caused me issues – First I did not do enough analysis of the neighborhood beforehand. I got my renovation costs accurate, but I didn’t have a good enough idea about what...
  15. JDE

    (EXECUTION): How [NOT] to flip a house

    I forgot to mention this in my last post but wanted to put it out there in case anyone else is in startup mode in their business and getting knocked around. I picked up this place for $20,900, holding costs $12,745, purchase/sales costs $6,150, renovation costs $18,750, and sold for $57,900...
  16. JDE

    Self-Promotion: Post Your Offer, YouTube Channel, Your Service (June 2020)

    I flip houses, and I'm not very good at it. But I've started getting better, and taking pictures too. Check it out if you're into real estate, especially Canadian real estate - Instagram
  17. JDE

    (EXECUTION): How [NOT] to flip a house

    Sooo officially sold - just about one year to the day. COVID has given me the time to spend about 4 months learning how to do this properly the second time round, as well as get my real estate licence - round two is under contract right now, we'll see how this one goes -
  18. JDE

    (EXECUTION): How [NOT] to flip a house

    Alright so all the work has been done for awhile now and hoping to have it sold once the whole apocalypse situation blows over. I've attached a few of the final listing photo's, I chose not to stage it as the property is at such a low price point and there wasn't room in the budget. In other...
  19. JDE

    (EXECUTION): How [NOT] to flip a house

    In other news, the trailer is complete and will be listed later this month. I've attached a few before/after pictures, and will put a few of the listing photos up next week.
  20. JDE

    (EXECUTION): How [NOT] to flip a house

    So it’s been awhile since my last post, I have a new lesson. It’s called how to split your trailer in half using your electrical panel. Around a month ago on a very cold Canadian day I needed to replace a few outlets. The electrical system is confusing so I cut the electrical breaker to the...

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