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  1. InMotion

    For those looking at Franchising

    Found an interesting site(s) for franchise news and complaints, one from disgruntled franchisees. The first link is franchise failure rates. Several comments, for various years, suggest failure rates are significantly understated for some franchises...
  2. InMotion

    The cat that made $100 million?

    Evidently, some of us are trying to create value the hard way...all we needed to do was buy a cat with dwarfism, promote the heck out of it, and voila.....$100 million in sales :headbanger:
  3. InMotion

    Ramit and James read Hate Mail!!!

    Ramit and James read their hate mail.
  4. InMotion

    Best $.99 I have spent in a while.

    I recommend "I was blind but now I see." by James Altucher. He has it on kindle for only 99 cents. Great read and interesting view points. I Was Blind But Now I See: Time to Be Happy: James Altucher: 9781466347953: Books
  5. InMotion

    Whats Your Excuse?

    I read Sean's book several years ago....and I did forget about him until recently. Yes he is a motivational speaker and best selling author. He makes a reported 15-30k per appearance. But Sean is a little different than most people. Watch some of his material; you might find that your problems...
  6. InMotion

    Money Makes you Happier

    An excerpt from the article. "Why does more money mean more happy days ahead? Wolfers says he leaves that up to others to decide, but he has one theory: “It may be that the relationship is not between your income and the number of iPhones you can buy; it’s about the choices you can make.â€...
  7. InMotion

    Rejection Thread

    Would like to start a thread that I think is critical to entrepreneurship. Would appreciate any comments on the topic of rejection. What goes through your mind when a potential customer says NO? How do recover when you get shot down? What are your thoughts on rejection? Any mindset tips or...
  8. InMotion

    Great example of a marketing twist.

    I found this interesting example of how twisting a product with a new use or message can move product. Its the "One line a day memory book." Evidently they sell like hotcakes. Its a journal with enough room to write a memory down in one line for 5 years. Interesting how they presented the...
  9. InMotion

    It's Never Too Late!!!

    I ran across this blog somewhat by accident. I found some interesting stories on a few people who didn't make it until they were in there 40's or later. It's Never Too Late For Success Even in Your 40's Excerpt from above blog: no cited author Darrell HammondSNL 1995-2009 “By the time I was...
  10. InMotion

    Who is going to CES in Vegas?

    Anyone going to CES in January?
  11. InMotion

    Bootstrapping ideas for Rural areas?

    I was wondering if anyone has seen any solid ideas for bootstrapping in rural areas? I've noticed that location makes a difference in this regards. Are we talking strictly internet? Town of about 16k ridiculously cheap folks; makeup of local economy is mainly low pay retail etc. quite a bit of...
  12. InMotion

    Hand Sanitizer recall..the irony

    It seems this brand of hand sanitizer is being recalled due to germs....:huh2: I wonder if this stuff even works now.Kimberly-Clark Hand Sanitizer Recall: Kleenex Luxury Foam Tests Positive For Bacterial Contamination
  13. InMotion

    Anyone having problems posting?

    Anyone having problems posting a reply? I am getting server denial message when I try to reply to a post; it first asks me to leave the page or stay on the page. http 403 forbidden. Thanks.
  14. InMotion

    Great example of MJ's lesson-distressed property ride over?

    This a great real world example from Mj's book. I ran across a short podcast on NPR and, if you listen between the lines, it follows MJ's advice closely relating to the story about a plumber talking about buying rental property. In this story a firefighter is buying distressed real estate and...
  15. InMotion

    Interesting tale of a hustler.

    This may have been posted before, but for others this is a fascinating interview with a true hustler. If you got 14 minutes might check it out, last half is the best IMO. This is about Billy Walters in case you've seen it before. Sports Betting: Billy Walters - 60 Minutes - CBS News
  16. InMotion

    History repeats? Still valid today...

    Interested to find out how this holds up today..... Loosely quoted. "Take 100 people who start even at age 25, all of these men believe they are going to be successful; by the time they are age 65, only 1 will be rich, 4 will be financially independent, 5 will still be working, and 54 will...
  17. InMotion

    Rant/advice on family members and business.

    So why is it that you can get more advice and help from strangers in business than wealthy family members, not necessarily parents? Is it the old adage that they don't want you to outshine them? I have several wealthy family members, close cousins etc., not parents, and I have received more...
  18. InMotion

    Best products to learn foreign languages?

    Hello fastlaners, who is learning a foreign language on here? I'm searching for language services/products to use, can anyone recommend which ones to use? I like the idea of the interactive programs over Skype, which ones are the best in learning to actually speak a language? Thanks
  19. InMotion

    Inspiration-Be Fearless!!!

    This is worth watching. Motivation to go after "it" in life. Keep Mj's concepts in mind, some of the video is lacking in detail, but hey its for motivation. Be Fearless - YouTube
  20. InMotion

    B2B Idea Generation

    It is interesting that MJ reccomends B2B businesses however most of the ideas generated on here seem to be B2C focused. I wanted to ask if anyone would like to share any useful methods of discovering B2B opportunities. B2C information is everywhere twitter ect. where do you go for B2B? Most...

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