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  1. momomaurice

    How to come up with a business idea you'll enjoy

    Ask yourself these 5 questions. 1) What did you do the last 10 years? 2) What did you grow up around? 3) What do strangers compliment you on? 4) What could you talk about effortlessly with friends when you're not at work? 5) What did you want to be when you were 14 to 16? Come up with one...
  2. momomaurice

    How would you make money on a 18k FB group?

    My friend has a Facebook group with 18 thousand members and is wondering how he could make extra money from it. The group is about gardening and maintainence around your home where he offers tips and advice. Would anyone have any advice on this or suggestions on how to make some money from it?
  3. momomaurice

    Is there a good course on FB ads?

    Just wondering does anyone know of a good course where I could improve my Facebook ads? I think I'm just pissing money down the drain making fb ads now.
  4. momomaurice

    I started a business and now I'm doubting it

    I started a business because I spent too much time thinking about starting a business and just said F*ck it I'll start a power washing business. 2 months in and some mornings I dread the thought of waking up and doing the work thats ahead of me for the day. I'm making more money that I ever made...
  5. momomaurice

    5 steps to make more money in your service business

    I recently bought a $997 course online. There is some good info on it. I am going to give you 5 steps from it that you can use to add value to your service business with little money. 1) Dress nice and buy an Ipad or tablet that can hold a sim card Howard Partridge owned a carpet cleaning...
  6. momomaurice

    How does one find a mentor?

    I see people talking about how they found a mentor and they help they got from them. How do you find a mentor? When you find a mentor how do you stay in contact with them?
  7. momomaurice

    Changing your environment

    It took me 28 years to realise I'm a miserable bastard over this shitty Irish climate so I've decided that I'm going to move to Spain in a few months to the glorious heat and sunshine that I crave. I'm currently learning Spanish and hoping to set up a landscaping or cleaning company when I'm...
  8. momomaurice

    How did you escape the slowlane?

    Thinking of quitting my dead end job as it makes me depressed. Sick of being in the slowlane but I can't see a way out for myself. How do I change my ways and escape? How did you guys escape the slowlane? I have about 10 grand saved so money in the short term isn't an issue but I don't know...
  9. momomaurice

    Would starting a business with a van be a fastlane business?

    New to this forum after just reading MJ's book. For some reason, the last few months something in my head is telling me to go buy a van and start a business. For example I could do removals, deliveries,maintainence or landscaping but I dont see this as a fastlane business. What do you guys...

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