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  1. MB2

    Journey to unscripted land

    In this thread,my journey to unscripted will be documented. Found this place almost two years back and read millionaire fastlane around that time as well.I was committed but sadly not to the process but to the event of making it happen in easy way. Up until recently I couldn't recognized myself...
  2. MB2

    If there is an award for action faking..

    that grand award goes to me. By this October, I would be here for two years and I can't express my gratitude to this place and especially for @MjDemacro in words . During my stay here I've grown as a person and learnt many amazing lessons of REAL LIFE thanks to this forum and Mr.DeMarco's...
  3. MB2

    Process Vs Event

    Folks, found a great video about the process vs event dichotomy. Describe everything about process and event.Enjoy
  4. MB2

    Validating the "need"

    Few weeks ago, I caught myself saying one of the code words. This is a problem that can be solved using intenet/computer system.However, I am worrying about whether others experience this same problem and how I go about validating this "need".Love to hear what you think. Thanks
  5. MB2

    A winner is not the one who never fails.

    In 1962, four nervous young musicians played their first record audio for the executives of the Decca recording company. The executives were not impressed. While turning down this group of musicians, one executive said "We don't like their sound. Groups of guitar are on the way put."The group...
  6. MB2

    Innovating an electronic product.

    Hi all, Innovating and inventing has two different definition though both go in the same road.Inventing is creating something new whereas innovating is, reinventing the wheel. Epitoms are GoPro founded by Nick Woodman Spanx founded by Sara Blakely (not electronic) Pebble founded by Eric...
  7. MB2

    How you start the day?

    Hey do you know what? The way you start the day can have lot of impact on that particular day.So you want to make sure you start the day as a champion not like a loser. Practise a morning routine,it doesn't matter if it is 15 minutes or 30 minutes somehow you want to make sure you start the...
  8. MB2

    Hey fellow fastlaner, how are you doing?

    A newbie is here.I'll keep this post short and simple because we are frugal with time isn't it guys? First of all I wanna give a BIG "THANK YOU" for @MJ DeMarco for his ground breaking book.I completed the book on last Sunday and it is absolutely awesome. Okay guys and gals,lemme introduce who...

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