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  1. InMotion

    Amazon Seller VS Affiliation

    I think everyone should heed Vigilante's words here. Commandment of control etc. Tons of comments online on how Amazon has wiped out many sellers, most claim through no fault of their own.
  2. InMotion

    Franchising vs. Control Just found this recently. Lots of dirt on franchising.
  3. InMotion

    For those looking at Franchising

    Found an interesting site(s) for franchise news and complaints, one from disgruntled franchisees. The first link is franchise failure rates. Several comments, for various years, suggest failure rates are significantly understated for some franchises...
  4. InMotion

    The cat that made $100 million?

    Introducing the next internet sensation..... Grouchy Frog!!!!
  5. InMotion

    The cat that made $100 million?

    Would be great to hear the inside story. Props to her and that grumpy feline.
  6. InMotion

    The cat that made $100 million?

    This is posted in the funnies folks...keep your shorts on.
  7. InMotion

    The cat that made $100 million?

    I believe sarcasm is not in your vocabulary my friend.
  8. InMotion

    The cat that made $100 million?

    Evidently, some of us are trying to create value the hard way...all we needed to do was buy a cat with dwarfism, promote the heck out of it, and voila.....$100 million in sales :headbanger:
  9. InMotion

    8 Eyewear: From Idea, to Launch, to Growth (And Quitting the Job)

    Nice shades Vick. Out of curiosity, why are these "99% UVA/UVB protection" instead of "100% UVA/UVB protection"? I know nothing about lense manufacturing, but that's one thing I notice when I purchase sunglasses.
  10. InMotion

    Ebola in the USA... Anyone Concerned?

    "In 2010, the Office of Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services said that bad hospital care contributed to the deaths of 180,000 patients in Medicare alone in a given year." "Journal of Patient Safety that says the numbers may be much higher — between 210,000 and...
  11. InMotion

    Mentally and Financially Recovering From a Failed Business?

    Thanks for sharing your story. Could you have gotten started with 2k instead of 10k? Lots of great advice here. Steer clear of catastrophic failure if possible; Affordable Loss. Millions of people get into the similar or worse dilemma's, except the cause of their dilemma was inaction rather...
  12. InMotion

    Golf Putting Aid

    A selling point I notice: I will say that it was a good design element to flare out the corners and make a smaller impact zone. Many putting aids only allow for straight back and forth, which is great for perimeter weighted putters; this one will accommodate toe heavy putters, and the like...
  13. InMotion

    Golf Putting Aid

    Wear them on the driving range. Since I was a hard swinger...metal spikes were superior to me. I never slipped wearing metal...its a heated topic lol; soft spikes blow for me, especially on wet grass.
  14. InMotion

    Golf Putting Aid

    Yeah I have played a round or two may be right...if no one cares then I guess no big deal.
  15. InMotion

    Golf Putting Aid

    Don't want to criticize but having to put tees into the green may be limiting. Since going to soft spikes, higher end courses especially, do not like holes in their greens...especially the putting green...hence the tees may be an issue. I would shop it around as suggested and ask a few pros if...
  16. InMotion

    Get a 1 on 1 Call with Jack Edwards and help a Kid Who Is Dying.

    Looks like I missed out. If anyone cancels, or there are future dates, pencil me in please.
  17. InMotion

    Importing 250kltons of Road Salt??

    I have experience in low bidder environments...these can be tough the first go around because sometimes you have no baseline for your bid. Today, I can bid a project because I know about what the competition will throw in and what the margins are. If I was just starting out I could approach...
  18. InMotion

    Dane Maxwell AMA-- SaaS, Membership Sites, The Foundation

    Dane, 1.) I realize you have designed the foundation for people with no software experience but have you considered spinning off an in-depth software course; working with developers (getting sites built) etc., possibly as a precursor to the foundation? A course like this would be valuable as a...
  19. InMotion

    Dane Maxwell AMA-- SaaS, Membership Sites, The Foundation

    Website maker pleads guilty to wire fraud Looks like the person you mentioned Dane....he is now heading to sentencing :thumbsup:
  20. InMotion

    WTF, didn't I write about this?

    Here's an interesting investigative report from Canada.. Looks like Tr*mp has the same model as RK...go figure as they are seen on videos together and...

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