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  1. wildambitions

    Hey I mentioned you (and a bit of advise you shared with me a LONG time ago) in a video I made...

    Hey I mentioned you (and a bit of advise you shared with me a LONG time ago) in a video I made. Wondering if I can link to something of your someplace online to give you some link love? It is a bit about picking one thing, focusing on it and mastering it before moving on to something else. My...
  2. wildambitions

    Call for Speakers, 2016 Fastlane Summit (Taking subs now!)

    Dang! I just found this post. Probably too late, but submitting my proposal later today.
  3. wildambitions

    Well... I'm officially a Millionaire

    First, congratulations RichKid (that's how I remember you)! I am genuinely thrilled for you and your future! Second, I find it so interesting to read this thread and know instantly who is more likely to follow through with the lessons that MJ provided everyone, simply by the content and context...
  4. wildambitions

    PROGRESS THREAD: (WildAmbitions) Moving Beyond Layoff ...

    Been a long time since updating this thread. Seems working IN and ON my business takes time away from being able to be active here. I guess overall that is a good thing, right? I have been working the 5 commandments into my business more and more. Getting closer and closer to owning a business...
  5. wildambitions

    2016, Fastlane Summit (Preliminary)

    WOW! Somehow when I was here yesterday, I must have jumped into the middle of the thread. Thought I was on the first post - "doh!" Depending on my other speaking engagements, I am interested in attending and interested in presenting. It would be nice to catch back up with good friends from the...
  6. wildambitions

    2016, Fastlane Summit (Preliminary)

    It's been awhile since I have been to a B&P... where are the details for dates and costs and signing up?
  7. wildambitions

    Mastermind Groups Forming

    1) Desired Frequency of Call A) Once a Week B) Every Other Week C) Once a Month Any of the above can work for me. 2) Would you like a Group with Members in: A) Similar Vehicle (ie:E-Commerce, Real Estate, Self-Pub, etc.)
  8. wildambitions

    What would you improve? Free website building service

    You first need to better define your business. Is your client (and your niche) going to be to further develop their websites or is it to have your primary income be provided by your selling the hosting packages of someone else's product? Or a combination of both. Each will have different funnels...
  9. wildambitions

    Guiding entrepreneurs towards success by providing internet business solutions, collaborating to...

    Guiding entrepreneurs towards success by providing internet business solutions, collaborating to impact millions!
  10. wildambitions

    Introducing NECST to new Communities

    Not just internet marketing but the business world in general. And it would not hurt if while there they all learned and practiced the Golden Rule too. Welcome.
  11. wildambitions

    Lots of free time, LF freelance work!

    Ohhh, well good! I was looking for your answer and had not seen it here. Sorry about that and glad to know you see the value - My apologies!
  12. wildambitions

    Lots of free time, LF freelance work!

    I think he was here for a moment and posted in everyone's profile - and then left. Too bad. A little effort and it may have been able to go somewhere.
  13. wildambitions

    So I had a nervous breakdown at Best Buy last night...

    I have heard horror stories like this regarding this exact topic many times before. So much so that it caused me to do MUCH due diligence BEFORE I made my trip to any store. The stores I would need to go to are no where near my home - the closest being an hour away. I also purchased my items...
  14. wildambitions

    How to Report a Spammer

  15. wildambitions

    Tough Decision : Get a Job vs Get a Loan & Keep working on biz

    I think deep down inside that you already knew the answer. And that 5K can go a long way depending on the business you pursue as well as the choices that you make regarding where (and how) you live. Sue mentioned Phoenix... My husband and I live in New Mexico (talk about a low cost of living)...
  16. wildambitions

    PROGRESS THREAD: (WildAmbitions) Moving Beyond Layoff ...

    Both sites pay for themselves each month and I make me a little. ;) Truth be told, some of the other avenues of my business have been so busy, I have not had much time to work on them since January. I did add some of my own themes in May: Themes by Me
  17. wildambitions

    How to deal with sidewalkers and crappy people

    The world needs all in order to function. If what you don't like is what you don't want to be then don't be that. But we need sidewalkers so we can be in the fastlane.
  18. wildambitions

    Vending Machines?

    Start by going to the library and renting all the books about the vending business. If you don't have a library card try "Google". Google is your friend. Go visit the city hall and ask about what you need for a business in your area. etc. etc. Look for the answers until you find everything you...
  19. wildambitions

    How can I make money fron advice?

    Write to Dear Abby... (that was supposed to be funny, sorry)
  20. wildambitions

    Vending Machines?

    Licenses: Depends on where you are located as well as where you want to place them. You need to research the business laws regarding each. Purchases: Yes you get your equipment anywhere you like. Stock: You may also purchase stock from wherever you like.

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