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  1. wildambitions

    Introducing NECST to new Communities

    I recently had an article post on a highly visible WordPress Community blog. I used MJ's book as my guideline to introduce them to the concept of CENTS. I hope I did you justice MJ. I would love to get a comment from you over there. How to Build a Money Making Business with WordPress
  2. wildambitions

    How I Learned What I Needed To Know For My Online Business

    Almost everything that you need to know to start an online business is available online via surfing and doing extensive research. Being that I was one who hated to spend money on anything that I thought that I could do myself, I fell into that category of those who take the time and energy...
  3. wildambitions

    Quick, Simple, Low-Cost WordPress Sites

    The Ultimate Solution We have a new package special right now... Come and visit US! All Inclusive Site for $59 You read it correctly! All inclusive. We will buy the domain name and provide hosting for one year. We will build you a professional looking WordPress website and will fill it...
  4. wildambitions

    WordPress Installations Service

    WP Installations is open for business. As the name implies we do WordPress Installations and a basic website or blog setup. A small flat rate price for a priceless service. Fast turn around (likely less than 24 hours). Additional support available. Online and one-on-one guidance to get you on...
  5. wildambitions

    PROGRESS THREAD: (WildAmbitions) Moving Beyond Layoff ...

    Well, it is official. Today was my last day on the job. About a month ago I was notified that my JOB was being dissolved. If you are interested in more about my reactions back then, read this post:
  6. wildambitions

    Are you Balanced?

    We have heard of the Law of Attraction, Laws of Prosperity and Universal Laws - this is about the Law of Balance. To be a "Law" insinuates that it applies to many areas in our lives. We attempt to maintain balance in our lives every day when it comes to our weight, our relationships, our...
  7. wildambitions

    10 Commandments of Wealth

    Found a list of 12 in Readers Digest, but the last two did not fit IMHO. So I left them out. Besides, 10 commandments works better anyway. Enjoy. 1. Seek money for money’s sake and ye shall not find. 2. Find your perfect pitch (know your strengths and weaknesses). 3. Be your own boss...
  8. wildambitions

    Be Careful What U Wish For

    A while back there was a thread about making and reaching goals. One of the recommendations was to write down your goals. And in addition, to say your goals out loud. The concept here being that if you write or say your goals, you will more likely own up to them and "make" them happen. It is...
  9. wildambitions

    Life Lessons List (from someone who knows)

    I found this list and would also be interested in what YOU think YOUR life lessons have been. What one thing, in YOUR life has made the most impact? Written by Regina Brett, 90 years old, of The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio: 'To celebrate growing older, I once wrote the 45 lessons life taught...
  10. wildambitions

    What drives you to be appreciative of life?

    A new (facebook) friend of mine recently asked me, "So, what drives you to be so appreciative of life? Am curious, as you always sound so cheerful and happy. I'm barely any of these things most of the time." Here is MY answer... what is yours? I am driven by accepting responsibility...
  11. wildambitions

    Double Your Productivity

    I mentioned last week that I have been listening to some Brian Tracy CD's about success secrets. One of his CD's is called Double Your Productivity and he has a list of 21 "secrets". Rather than limiting ourselves to his tips, I thought I would ask the professionals (that is you guys), the real...
  12. wildambitions

    Watch your...

    My niece sent me one of those pass it along emails (which are useless) but I found some of the information in the email worth sharing. The story is a bit extreme to prove the point but again, worth sharing. Let me know what you think. While a man was polishing his new car, his 4 yr old son...
  13. wildambitions

    Dirty Jobs

    Hey all, I just got done submitting my part time job to the Discovery Channel for an episode of Dirty Jobs. I have no idea how they determine which jobs to do, but if you have a chance can you pop over and rate the job I submitted. I suspect the more people that vote and vote high, the more...
  14. wildambitions

    Setting Priorities

    So how do YOU settle things down when things start to overwhelm you and how do you ensure that you accomplish the right tasks? I recently had some friends who have had the issues of life somewhat overwhelm them. Their lives are simply moving faster than they can handle and their list of “Things...
  15. wildambitions

    Need UR help - What do we do?

    My husband and I have come across an opportunity for a B&M business purchase here in the town where we live. The business is the local gun shop. Although we each have extensive knowledge and the confidence to run the business, neither of us has purchased an existing business before. We DO know...
  16. wildambitions

    Go wings!

    Back into the Stanley Cup Playoffs. One of my most favorite time of the year. Especially when my favorite team is playing (OK, they were my husbands favorite team first, but hey...)! So... the Wings are up 2-0 in the series! GO WINGS!!!! I miss Chris Chelios though and I hope Datsuk plays in...
  17. wildambitions

    Unexplainable? Or Undeniable?

    Notes from the FAWC, "It's Personal" Series Mindset: Don't allow the the unexplainable to overshadow the undeniable. Consider... 1. Most adults get their questions answered after embracing the TRUTH, not before. 2. You don't have to understand everything to believe in something. 3. Sometimes...
  18. wildambitions

    Do You Need More Time in a Day?

    My original thread was posted within our mastermind group forum when I asked something along the the lines of does anyone know how to make more time in a day, although I was somewhat kidding (who doesn't want/need more time), the following answer from Mike (RealOG) is excellent and worth...
  19. wildambitions

    Get EVERYTHING you need.

    Warning: Please replace any words that you may be uncomfortable with, with their synonyms that work for you. These are the words that work for me. Here is the BIG IDEA: Build great lives... with secret disciplines. 1. Give discretely. 2. Pray secretly. 3. Fast quietly. 4. Suffer patiently. 5...
  20. wildambitions

    Making Your Dreams Reality - Reaching Your Goals

    This was recently shared with me and I wanted to share it with you. I believe anyone can apply this to any part of their life, where ever they are. There are six basic stages to move from dream to goal. Begin with this mindset: According to your faith it will be done to you... Everything is...

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