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    Are moral standards scripted for the poor?

    It's not that some people assume others are stupid to have or take moral responsibility but because even 'morality' is a learned behaviour. Average people are animals and we need each other to guide each other, as everyone is gullible. Just saying , reality is interdependent.
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    A physicist's guide to learning hard things (and using the scientific method)

    Awesome post. Getting a clear picture of how to solve problems and not just mindlessly reading books after books.
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    MJ DeMarco's Idea on Bitcoin and Weed

    I agree I need to do more research and find out the truth myself and I will, thanks. Maybe I will see what is on the other side and a sound argument in its favor. But, sometimes we all ask the opinions of 'experts' or depend on authority in the subject. Like I go to a doctor and trust his...
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    MJ DeMarco's Idea on Bitcoin and Weed

    But that can be said for all other Ponzi schemes. Early adopters make money while the last person loses. I just don't see how bitcoin is not a zero-sum game for making wealth. It is neither a place for storing currency or value, seeing how volatile it is. I don't know everything about bitcoin...
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    I've Read The Great Rat-Race Escape!

    A great book. I actually pre-ordered it , knowing it will be a valuable book like all MJ's books. Though not a great fan of romantic stories, I really enjoyed how MJ narrates the story of the couple making it big and how they dabbled with different ideas of getting rich before really...
  6. S

    I've Read UNSCRIPTED!

    Read the book. Seriously a great book. Finally, some book giving a different perspective on life , money and entrepreneurship, unlike other BS books which just makes the authors rich.
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    I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read the book. An eye-opener to be honest :)
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    MJ DeMarco's Idea on Bitcoin and Weed

    Hello everyone, When I was reading MJ's recent book "The Great Rat Race" I found a few areas where I don't agree with the ideas. Like for example, MJ had a positive notion of bitcoin (and its buyer who got rich) and weed. I want to get an opinion from others who have the same feeling and also...

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