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    Getting employees to follow my vision

    For those interested in more context, I've written a background post: How this business started and got to where we are, and the hurdles we're facing now to take the next step. This will explain why I'm doing this "standardizing delivery" thing in the first place.
  2. Y

    Chronicle - Building my first business

    I'm planning to post here regularly, and rather than introducing my business every time I post a question, I'll chronicle it here and point to this thread. So here's the summary of where we are today: Back in 2013-2015, after having worked with B2B sales and marketing and built a small sales...
  3. Y

    Getting employees to follow my vision

    SITUATIONAL UPDATE: We've now officially launched our solutions marketplace, and we have covered it with enough solutions to warrant a new "page" at the bottom of the site :) Using the tips from this thread, I have more clearly articulated the benefits of this approach for the PMs and how it's...
  4. Y

    Getting employees to follow my vision

    This isn't the vision. This is my summary here of how I want a particular aspect of the business to work. To clarify: Today, every person delivers basically whatever the client needs, and they have to rely on their own knowledge. By productizing our deliverables (creating packages that present...
  5. Y

    Getting employees to follow my vision

    This is my talk here, not with employees. With employees, what I've done is: Made clear rules about how we deliver a solution to a client. Explained where we're headed and how the company will look (this is what I mean by "The vision" - it's simply a doc explaining what kind of solutions we'll...
  6. Y

    Getting employees to follow my vision

    I haven't - but thanks I've added it to my to-read list. I tend to focus a huge amount on the Why in 1-1 meetings, but I might have missed it in communicating this vision. In fact, I've just taken a moment there to update our vision doc to really clearly express how the way we've gotten to this...
  7. Y

    Getting employees to follow my vision

    Hey Eudaimonium, thanks for your reply! Here are my answers: The vision is quite big - it's an all-encompassing description of where we're going to be, what we're going to sell, how we're going to deliver, and how we're going to scale. In the end, it's a complete transformation of the business...
  8. Y

    Getting employees to follow my vision

    I run a company with 12 employees. So far, I've been the type of leader who gets everybody's input, to get them onboard on the vision. But that's becoming more and more impossible. Recently, I've launched a vision and shifted my style to the more "here's what we are going to do, and here's what...
  9. Y

    Growing Your Business in The New World Economy (How-To + A Challenge)

    Fantastic quote! I've been implementing a new process in our company: "If a customer asks for it, we will say yes and add it as a solution to our 'add-ons' page". We are a service company so it's really only a matter of "packaging" solutions and starting to offer them, provided we have the...
  10. Y

    Fastlane Success (8 figure exit!) - Now Back to the Starting Ground !!

    I am on my journey, currently figuring out how to get to the next big step with my business (700K$ revenue today and growing roughly 10% yearly), and this is exactly how it feels. Small challenges and next steps, seeing the big vision but working on the next few steps ahead, and tackling...
  11. Y

    0 - Billionaire Without Creating Anything

    Very interesting to listen to, thanks. I'm currently at 13 employees and definitely feeling the shift. I'm currently in the middle of trying to get people to take more leadership, and actually am making progress. Actively pushing back and asking them to solve the problem, not getting...
  12. Y

    0 - Billionaire Without Creating Anything

    Very interesting observation. I've now (11 yrs after reading Fastlane Millionaire) created a B2B marketing automation agency that has $65k monthly revenue and profitable. However, I'm struggling to take it to the next level. My plan was always to get it to a "passive" place (make myself...
  13. Y

    I've made millions online - ask me anything!

    Hi limitup, thanks for this amazing thread and all the answers you are providing. Can you please explain what you mean by "offer"? Is the actual web copy, the landing page, the offer to affiliates, or what is it exactly that you mean by this, could you break it down?
  14. Y

    New sugar product

    I am not sure either. I am not sure how I might do it any other way though, case I can't well go and build my own sugar factory either.. I'll let you know what (if any) responses I get anyway. Have individually emailed 10 in my country now, and mass-emailed 50 in other countries. Thanks, that...
  15. Y

    learn to build a search engine and program a self driving car

    Finished the first course, and in the middle of the second one. Gotto say, this is better online learning that I could have ever imagined.
  16. Y

    New sugar product

    Hey all, I've got an idea for a new sugar product which I haven't yet seen in the market but for which I believe there is a need. I am trying to figure out how to manufacture it. To produce this will require some experimenting with various amounts of ingredients, testing, brainstorming etc...
  17. Y

    Focusing on the money vs. the idea

    HOT! IDEA 
    True... But doesn't a person need a plan B, in case plan A doesn't work out? What if I don't get a successful business, and stand there 7 years later with no income and no career? Absolutely! I will definitely dump the job once I see some traction in my business. That is the whole plan :-) I...
  18. Y

    Focusing on the money vs. the idea

    HOT! IDEA 
    MJ, thanks for this reply. I agree. I'm going to be completely honest here: What I am really afraid of, is that in 5 years, I will not have a working business, and I will not have progressed my career. I am afraid that I will be "left behind", that when all of my friends are either successful...
  19. Y

    Focusing on the money vs. the idea

    HOT! IDEA 
    I have a problem, which I've had all my life: I often change goals. I don't really know what I want to do. I find it difficult to really "burn" for something. Today I had a very interesting discussion with a friend. I told him that there are so many alternatives to choose from in life, that I...
  20. Y

    My friends make 7 million each - I am in a crossroad

    Agreed :-) What I'm planning on doing now is to wait for 1-2 weeks, which is when he has promised to detail the stock options, and then make my decision. If there is nothing concrete, I will have no choice but to choose my new job. If he has something concrete to detail, then I can at least...

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