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  1. Chris_Varick

    A Story to Inspire (From drug addict to entrepreneur)

    wow what an amazing straight forward story you have there - Congratulations ! Actually it makes me think of a quote Tyler Durden(in the movie fight club) made by saying "It's only after we've lost everything that we are free to do anything"
  2. Chris_Varick


    ... if this in not a story of encouraging others, then what will it be? Biggest take away for me from your story is that starting the FLM path is not a matter of age! Your positive energy that is underlying in your post is really an encouragement for everyone in this forum who has any doubts if...
  3. Chris_Varick


    Thank you MUTANT for this post ! It is razor sharp to the point - you are 100% right even though we read M.J.'s books and are fully awaken now a lot(including me of course) of us still are trying to get diverted from the work that needs to be done but this gut feeling and our subconsciousness...
  4. Chris_Varick

    Have you had your "FTE"? (Or Was it an FTM?!)

    Kind a funny but I remember one really major FTE in my life which actually was not so much related to going the fast lane but it was about monotonous work. When I was a child growing up in the former GDR German Democratic Republic we visited one of the state owned furniture facilities and they...
  5. Chris_Varick

    Have you had your "FTE"? (Or Was it an FTM?!)

    ....damn that suck ! this is really some corporate bullshit
  6. Chris_Varick

    I Built A Worldwide Business From Broke.

    What an amazing inspiring story - it really shows the more limitations we have the more creative we become and that triggers the successful process. Although the product is not as "sexy" as others out there, your story is given it the spice .... and speaking of unsexy products I still cannot get...
  7. Chris_Varick

    I've Read The Great Rat-Race Escape!

    just finished the great rat race escape today, took me a week and now the red pill is completely swallowed - there is no going back to the 9 to 5 world. the book actually gives everybody a complete guideline on how to start the journey and what to be aware of during the journey. the strategies...
  8. Chris_Varick

    How Do I Scale My Personal Training Business Significantly?

    quick question if you are okay with sacrificing your time, how much time do you have left after (I guess intense) training as a competitive heavyweight bodybuilder. Is it 8 hours workout and 8 hours sleep then you have 8 hours left without taking any recovery phase into consideration. How can...
  9. Chris_Varick

    Teacher wants OUT

    ...wait a minute, you read TFM in 2017 and waited until now? Taking you a long time to get active ... Maybe going back to the books would be good. I just finished UNSCRIPTED and to my understanding there is much more to think about like the entry barrier for example which is quite low for...
  10. Chris_Varick

    I've Read UNSCRIPTED!

    Just finished UNSCRIPTED ! Well if this book doesn't ... then I guess it's game over and going back to conventionel life is the path to go There is no other any wannabe guru book needed - UNSCRIPTED is the one and only. Thanks M.J. for this incredible piece
  11. Chris_Varick

    My first blog.... any feedbakck would be great

    just looked at the blog and congratulations that you have created it. My thoughts are as follows: Why would you chose this business segment? Your company profile is not active - do you have made very good experience on this topic? Second, I guess youtube is already filled with tons of videos...
  12. Chris_Varick

    Had to call it quits today.

    Maybe you should also a bit angry with yourself instead of being melancholic. Go back to the start of your process and rund thru each step and write down - very important to write it down- where did you drift away from your original plan? what went really good? was there an external factor that...
  13. Chris_Varick

    10 years of personal development content with timid results - looking to transform my life.

    Welcome to the club - I also got a hint about the books from James Janis channel - This guy really does make good videos . I guess working at a fintech start up is already quite a potential
  14. Chris_Varick

    What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    Winning the Looses game - Timeless Strategies for successful investing from Charles D. Ellis
  15. Chris_Varick

    I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    have read the Book - unscripted will arrive tomorrow ! superb content very eye opening
  16. Chris_Varick

    Debt-free! But Now What?

    Quite an impressing story you have there. Congratulations for getting rid of the debt. Looking at this student loan system in the US from overseas perspective(me writing from Germany) it is really a horrible situation people are getting into but you have done it ! Great accomplishment - in my...
  17. Chris_Varick

    My second life has begun

    Hey Markus, just read your intro! Also being from Germany and working for a big company that is certainly not going to be bankrupt I fee exactly the same !! Congratulations for your big move in business wise and geographically cheers Christian

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