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    Hardcore Accountability Group

    Calling all hustlers and hustlettes I'm looking for a new group of entrepreneurs to create a group chat with, and have daily accountability to each other. I have had several groups like this in the past, and many life long friendships and several business partnerships have emerged out of...
  2. M

    The Great Rat-Race Escape by MJ DeMarco, Now Available (All formats!)

    Just starting the audio book as well.
  3. M

    What Is Your ONE THING?

  4. M

    What Is Your ONE THING?

    Always, ALWAYS lead with value! It costs you very little for potential life changing ROI. In terms of health, wealth, relationships and happiness in general
  5. M

    Taking debt for business...good or bad move to scale?

    Take on the debt only if it makes sense to scale faster, but if you're worried, just go debt free with an admin. What you should be focused on is hiring GOOD workers for the actual physical labor. Most of the biz can be run by the admin, while you focus only on sales and HR. Then once...
  6. M

    Taking debt for business...good or bad move to scale?

    You need a VA. This is exactly what they're for: so you can cut all the bullshit (quoting, invoicing, emails, buying parts, etc) and focus on marketing only in the time you're not on the job. The next move after that is hire someone to do the physical labor for you. This is going to cost...
  7. M

    Continue with them or go my own way ?

    @S.M. hit me up, I went thru a similar struggle and ended up with a group of much more entrprnuerial focused individuals. It's much easier for me to communicate with them about all facets of life because they understand the struggle and speak the same language. They will also help you over...
  8. M

    What Is Your ONE THING?

    For those of you who said "sales" or "serving others", you're on the right track, but from what I've found, in order to have this actually MEAN anything tangible, it needs to be broken down much much further. Each night I ask myself "what is my one thing for tomorrow"? The "One Thing" is a...
  9. M

    Need an Accountability Partner? Find One Here...

    @Dazed @ADR @Milo1 let's connect! PM me your digits. Looking for weekly or daily group accountability
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    I'm failing at my business

    For your own peace of mind, choose a service with MRR. It's (almost) just as easy to sell someone a one off thing as it is to sell them repeat. And that is how you begin to predict your monthly revenue. Either that, or you need to calculate X amount of hours spent cold calling = y amount of...
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    If you aren't doing this, you are leaving a LOT of money on the table.

    Yard signs are a comical ROI for any service based business. One of our roofing customers gives the customer a discount to leave it in their front lawn for a week after service. They constantly get neighbors wondering what's going on, and the keeping up with the Jones effect hits hard too
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    New forum member hoping to make friends

    Whats up fellow entrepreneurs I just finished reading the book and made a profile on the forum. I have been in business for myself since 2015, failed at least 10 businesses since, and succeeded with 2. I haven't had a job the whole time and thankfully will never need one again My goal...

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