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  1. AdrianB

    WEB SCHOOL Fox's 2019 Make $100k Starting Web Design from Scratch Challenge

    @Fox would you create my online marketing agency website for your portfolio? btw, I've tried :D
  2. AdrianB

    Online platform for real estate

    Good insights! I am currently working with a friend who is developer. I had requested a similar quotation to a webdesign company and they asked for this project to be fully complete between 8-10K euro which is too much for our current budget. Will carry on with my friend and will see how things...
  3. AdrianB

    Online platform for real estate

    Hello, I've just finished a draft plan of a platform which will offer the opportunity for people searching services for their homes (furniture, interior design, installations) where they can register and also the companies offering services can register and describe their services. The idea is...
  4. AdrianB

    Property crowdfunding

    Hello everyone, I've just digged into some crowdfunding real estate projects and websites. I am very curious if someone from here has put their money in a similar project and if they really get the income. Just a few old articles here: Try FT for free | Financial Times Can’t answer these 5...
  5. AdrianB

    Invest in Oil Company

    I am in. So far so good. Started investment with 1001 usd. Interest rate is 1% per day. Added interest rate 10.01 usd on first day. Waiting to collect 1000 usd and will try the withdraw. Keep you updated on the process.
  6. AdrianB

    Invest in Oil Company

    Hello everyone, I know this seems to be a scam, but just wanted to share it with you. I've been approached by a Russian who told me about an investment in an oil and gas company. Инвест-Пром Газовая и Нефтяная Индустрия Translated it with google translate. I found a page where it says it's...
  7. AdrianB

    Website Flipping QA

    So far I could identify a few websites where you can buy websites or domains. 7 of the Best Marketplaces for Website Flipping I think best option to start is Is it worth or not? I am going to give a try. I have a budget of 500 usd. My goal is to buy and sell for a 100 usd profit...
  8. AdrianB

    Website Flipping QA

    I have just heard about website flipping which is defined as the art of buying, improving and selling websites. The term comes from the property industry where investors will buy a property, renovate it to add value, and then sell it at a higher price. Website flipping is essentially the same...
  9. AdrianB

    GOLD! I will help you find a product to sell on Amazon

    I would like to sell my seller account. I didn't invest time in selling and I found it a waste of time and money. If someone is interested I can state all the information I have, my product still has 159 stock.
  10. AdrianB

    GOLD! CHECKLIST: How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency & Hit $5K in Less than 90 Days

    Thanks, that's what I also have in mind. I am going for both, will start with Fox WebSchool
  11. AdrianB

    GOLD! CHECKLIST: How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency & Hit $5K in Less than 90 Days

    Sorry for this question...I now both of you are here on the forum, but would like to get an objective answer from someone who already completed the courses. What do you guys recommend? Fox School or Sean Marshall-Clone my online marketing business?
  12. AdrianB


    Great Book! It took me three weeks to read but I'm glad I did it. It seems just today I've got an FTE. I'm ready for my journey.
  13. AdrianB

    GOLD! How to Learn Code, Start a Web Company, $15k+ per month within 9 months

    I've just receive a request to quote three projects. My portfolio is composed by four projects. I have no experience yet on the quotations as the first websites were realized for free. These are the three projects I have to quote. Can you help a bit with the prices, please? 1. There is already...
  14. AdrianB

    GOLD! CHECKLIST: How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency & Hit $5K in Less than 90 Days

    Another important point here is how do you find people to help you design the websites and how you pay them in order to keep them motivated and also your business to be profitable for you. You cannot do everything by yourself and because there is not a constant work load business I find it...
  15. AdrianB

    GOLD! CHECKLIST: How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency & Hit $5K in Less than 90 Days

    Are you using mostly templates already existing/created (envato, elegantthemes, themeforest, etc) and just customize them or building them from scratch?
  16. AdrianB

    Has someone tried Amazon Merch?

    Hi! I would like to start investing in a few designs and publish on Amazon Merch so would like to know if has someone already started and what are the courses to start learning? Thank you!
  17. AdrianB

    GOLD! Web 3.0 (Ethereum) is happening, and most people have no idea what it even is.

    Is there someone who is mining at home? I've read that combining 6 video card into a system which costs around 3K usd, you will be able to mine ETH with a value around 600 usd per month. Is someone doing it? It is worth doing it?
  18. AdrianB

    INTRO You're from where??

    Hello, I am from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Europe.
  19. AdrianB

    GOLD! The CENTS Business Commandments for Entrepreneurs

    There is great value on this forum! I am new here, I've just bought the book UNSCRIPTED and I'm so unpatient to left working office and start reading it. I haven't understood yet what is in the Insiders threads, but I'm really interesting in everything people are sharing here. Hope I would also...
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