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  1. dani710networker

    INTRO Introduction from France

    Sure @AdelineM for that we´re all here, remember one single stuff, the thoughts dont pay your melas and bills just your actions !!! keep that continue no matter what, do it until you reach your goals, and keep yourself grown to be better than yesterday and like that every single day. Have a...
  2. dani710networker

    INTRO Well, well, well me own presentation!

    Yes man you were wrong not sometimes I maked more than that much more, I was some one before learning all BUT always I went to jump to fast without focus myself in one single target, trying to find the ("MAGIC") key for success but I was an extreme inmature than now, now I really know what I do...
  3. dani710networker

    INTRO Hello! Here's my intro!

    Nice to meet you @EDWINA TUCKER great now continue, and teach to all. The best regards.
  4. dani710networker

    INTRO Introductions

    Exactly men follow the mentor are in the place do you want to be. The best regards.
  5. dani710networker

    INTRO Hello from Europe!

    Nice to meet you fellow @FabX2023 when you travel or did you saw that, you did the 1st step change your mindset, continue growing men! The best regards. Have a great day.
  6. dani710networker

    INTRO Well, well, well me own presentation!

    Thanks @WellWallet is the same for you I expect do you teach more than I can help you. Have a great day.
  7. dani710networker

    INTRO Hello everyone from México

    Well Raul nice to hear some one from Mexico, I must admit is hard to believe the wealthy people dont understood the meaning of the wealthy, well buddy just the time can make your parent understood, nothing more to say, have a great day my nearly friend.
  8. dani710networker

    INTRO Hello fellow entrepreneurs!

    Nice to meet you men, amoung you share more, you got more buddy.! Have a great day.
  9. dani710networker

    INTRO Nice to introduce myself here..

    Nice to meet you @Patrick Mahony, always is great meet some one new. Regards buddy and have a great day.
  10. dani710networker

    INTRO hello everyone

    Hello @malikashish you´re welcome men I´m too new here, nice to meet you budy and share knowledge.
  11. dani710networker

    INTRO You're from where??

    Really great men, regards from Costa Rica, Nice to meet you, and have a great day.
  12. dani710networker

    INTRO ~Hello, Where have you been all my life?

    Well well well @Daniela101 I saw you have like all here in the way of business online a hard way, I cant tell what you must do or why, because thanks to GOD you know really well what you want, and you have a great big reason a big (WHY) I do this is the must important your family, your child and...
  13. dani710networker

    INTRO Introduction from France

    If you say your is bad my is worst, well welcome @AdelineM with the points 2,4,5 and 6 I´m more than agree with you, JUST DO IT, remeber your life is your to lived at your way not in the way the rest says. If you must do something just do it girl. Have a big great day my friend.
  14. dani710networker

    INTRO Introductions

    You´re welcomee Marc, I´m too new here, yes co-knows from Alux channel from YouTube them share really good content, and now happy to be here and lets help each others buddy. Have a great day.
  15. dani710networker

    INTRO I’m 34 years old, and I’ve been living with my parents for the past two years.

    Hello men, look a degree is not bad at all, if the degree didnt exist well you will never got a good doctor, or a mechanic or even electricity in your home, it is simple, to you to me and to many any the way of the degree is not the way we want, therefore, come on men yo can´t do it because you...
  16. dani710networker

    INTRO Well, well, well me own presentation!

    Well, I´m Daniel from Costa Rica, 26 years old, I work like call center mid time, and the rest of time home based business, I love to practice martial arts, read bio-books, bio-movies, well this is my story, I has trying since 2008 in the way to found the (dreamed: residual income) but I was...
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