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  1. Ru9

    Prepping for a new business

    I like the Solar panel cleaning idea. Just never occurred to me that this is something that needs to be done :rofl:
  2. Ru9

    INTRO Hey everyone

    Representing! Cool, man. I'd love to hear about your journey someday :D
  3. Ru9

    INTRO Hey everyone

    Hello, good people! My name is Runar, I'm 28 y/o from Norway :) I swallowed the red pill when I was 25. I started picking up all kinds of different books about business and self-help to find out what was missing from my seemingly perfect life. Got a house, spouse, kids, car, dog, etc. I can't...
  4. Ru9

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Finished it, it's good. I'll have to read it again soon to pick up what I lost.
  5. Ru9

    At what age did you start to get your shit together?

    I swallowed the red pill when I was 25. As for getting my shit together, still working on that
  6. Ru9


    I read this before "Millionaire Fastlane", and it's good. I will definitely pick it up next
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