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  1. Merlox

    WEB SCHOOL First time here.. Ive already made over 400 websites so...

    Do you think you've reached the limit when it comes to working 1 on 1 with local clients? How would you scale? Thanks for sharing Barry, wish you the best.
  2. Merlox

    HOT TOPIC The Undercover Billionaire: Building a $1m business in 90 days

    It's extremely hard to make a million in 90 days unless... you know people with money willing to invest in your idea. I'd probably spend those days ideating and preparing a seriously good project that needs financing and they reach out to all the investors I could find to ask them for money. At...
  3. Merlox

    Email Product: How to Start & Concrete Examples

    Well if you offer me water when I'm thirsty, I'll buy it. Same thing with email. You just have to understand what your people want and offer them products until you find what's working and what's not. There's no substitute for hard work at the beginning unless you have the money to outsource...
  4. Merlox

    WEB SCHOOL First time here.. Ive already made over 400 websites so...

    How much do you charge for a decent website and how do you determine the price? I see many people on upwork charging extremely low prices so I can't understand how you could go beyond that unless you have some massive network of referrals
  5. Merlox

    WEB SCHOOL Humble Hustle & adding value via Web Business - Progress thread

    You need someone to push you forward throught the hard times. Get a mentor who's done what you want to do and pay him for accountability so that he verifies that you're putting the work daily.
  6. Merlox

    EXECUTION 500+ LinkedIn Connections in 30 Days

    I got more than 1k leads by writing articles without adding anyone, they found me from my articles and they added me.
  7. Merlox

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    Mud, sweat and tears by Bear Grylls. This book is his authobiography so far it's one of the easiest reads that I got because it has small chapters with tons of stories telling you how he became a man of unbreakable spirit against all hardships.
  8. Merlox

    What attribute has made the greatest impact on your life/would you instill in your children?

    Personally I'd say experimentation, being curious about all things so that you can discover new opportunities. I believe that in order to become successful you have to have vision for what will grow into the future. For instance: youtube. If people would've known how big it would become, they'd...
  9. Merlox

    *UNSCRIPTED* BRO-MARKETING! (Great Copy Selling Crap Products)

    There are some serius value in products like the cardone university or the freelance domination from rich20something even tho they cost thousands, they provide exactly what the buyer is looking for: useful and practical knowledge. Do you think that's bad? Cus I don't.
  10. Merlox

    Is this "you can do anything in life" thing only a lie?

    Remember that success is never something that happens in a day. It takes years and years of consistent work to grow to the point of massive audience. Remember the next day you go to work that what you do that day stays forever with you. Remember that everytime will be hard, but you will do it...
  11. Merlox

    WEB/DIGITAL Making money and models, 2017 - 10 step tutorial

    I think that that is a good idea but the execution is what matters
  12. Merlox

    I Can't Make Money Doing What I Want, So I Better Go Get My Masters

    Dude that´s what I thought for a long time but the reality for me was to boss up and going to work to the worst place possible and to make money. With money you gain YEARS of advantage to create your business. Sure you can do a lot of thing at the same time but I vote to make money meanwhile...
  13. Merlox


    I experienced something similar when I was living by my own. That is a pretty powerful feeling.
  14. Merlox


    Here is how I did quit games after 10 years of playing daily 5 hours minimum: I spent a year of university playing 14 hours daily in my room without going to class and without talking with anybody, just playing league of legends and watching tv + youtube. That year I became sick of playing, I...
  15. Merlox

    INTRO You're from where??

    Granada spain
  16. Merlox

    The habits you should have to live the good life

    be able to do 300 pushups by training every morning with 20 well-done pushups
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