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  1. AlanBayWalker

    EXECUTION [Progress] Building a Copywriting platform

    I'm slowly gathering snippets of people complaining about these pain points. I'm thinking about using them as a resource for validation or to add features to the app. I'm starting to realize that I might not be able to use my Figma prototype to show my idea. This platform has features that...
  2. AlanBayWalker

    EXECUTION [Progress] Building a Copywriting platform

    I recently decided to pick up copywriting as a skill. Like most people would I scoped out the playing field before I started executing. I browsed videos and forums about copywriting. I had a few questions about getting into the industry or picking it up as a skill for your Fastlane venture...
  3. AlanBayWalker

    EXECUTION Validating My App Idea

    I would suggest you look into applications such as Trello and make sure you're not building something that's already out there. Also with any app, it's always a good idea to create a Mockup / Prototype first and ensure that there's actually a market out there for it. It's always for the better...
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