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  1. Andy Bell

    At what age did you start to get your shit together?

    22 Decided I needed to get my shit together 24 I thought I had my shit together, was wrong 26 I really thought I had my shit together, was wrong 28 Was sure I had my shit together, was wrong 30 I am more than sure I have my shit together
  2. Andy Bell

    Signed a Contract for $17000 worth of work, delivery slow, late, terrible quality - Can I get out of it?

    Thank you everyone for the advice wow really appreciate all the replies. Im going to follow the advice here and take it as some education and loss. I paid using direct bank deposit no credit card payments months ago so I cant get that money back but I will send an email saying the work was...
  3. Andy Bell

    Signed a Contract for $17000 worth of work, delivery slow, late, terrible quality - Can I get out of it?

    Hi Everyone, So I am going to post this here since this may be a stupid question and I may not even be able to get out of this contract so would be a waste of time to get a lawyer. Basically i signed a contract for web design work and article writing. It was at a big innitial payment for the...
  4. Andy Bell

    VOTE NOW! Vote Now, Next Book Discussion August

    The obstacle is the way is probably one of the first books I have every been against the popular opinion about with regards to ratings. It feels like its a mind dump of truisms with famous quotes sprinkled in all over to give it legitimacy, got 0 notes out of it. After listening to the Tim...
  5. Andy Bell

    You copywriters are being replaced by AI..

    Eventually, Probably...but were probably 20 years behind a machine that can write no fluff copy. I pay monthly fees for some of the best spinners and copywriter bots out there and they all pump out fluff and half unreadable content. You could probably pass the turing test with them if you...
  6. Andy Bell

    Ferrari Takes Issue with Instagram Douchebaggery

    Damn those shoes look horrible "The average age of Ferrari owners in the US is 47.Feb 18, 2011 " Well definitely not their age bracket but isnt all advertising good advertising. Didn't cristal get a bunch of trouble after attacking rappers.
  7. Andy Bell

    VOTE NOW! Vote Now, Next Book Discussion August

    Was recommended these by some friends and havent gotten around to them yet... End of Jobs - Taylor Pearson Profit First - Mike Michalowicz Deep Work - Cal Newport The Goal - Eliyahu M. Goldratt
  8. Andy Bell

    OFF-TOPIC Oh wow... I've just found

    Looks like some interesting software, can you do live streaming with it like a webinar?
  9. Andy Bell

    HOT TOPIC Dealing with porn and other addictions

    I read alot on porn addiction and finally this one book really helped me out have been porn clean for months now without even temptation. It was called your brain on porn by gary wilson. Will share some of my top notes here. "problems correlated most closely with the number of screens opened...
  10. Andy Bell

    I just found out a 'customer' is drop shipping my product

    I don't get why you think someone making sales for you is a bad thing. Sounds like your jealous he's making more money in commissions than you are selling the actual product. This happens in plenty of businesses, hell just step into any jewelry store some of them are trying to markup 1000%. If...
  11. Andy Bell

    BOOK REVIEW Man's Search for Meaning, by Viktor Frankl

    A little late to the book review, but finished this one off last night. Coming from a long military background (great grandfather died in the battle of stalingrad)(grandfather was high ranked in the red army, he had a blue number tatoo on his arm I asked my mother about it but she said he never...
  12. Andy Bell

    Why I don't work a developer job anymore (video)

    This comment in the comment sections is complete gold, sums up absolutely everything about not being your own boss. "Powerful stuff, great video – I’m now in my 50s I used to work as a software developer, when I was in my early 30s the company I worked for let me go (the whole company folded)...
  13. Andy Bell

    MJ DeMarco! You Destroyed My Life! Please HELP! Am I Losing my MIND?!!

    You need to seriously consider getting into the clickbait title writing profession, that title hooked me in here way too easily. Not sure about this van rv living, why not just bear down for a few years and work then use your earnings to then travel.
  14. Andy Bell

    HOT TOPIC Let’s be real: If you're over 35, you don't have a chance.

    Just grabbed this from the inc website....some motivation :) I just turned 30 and this is the first year I am making any real quit your job money after 5 years of trying to get my business started. Liu Chuanzhi founded Lenovo at 39 Gordon Moore founded Intel at 39 Amancio Ortega founded Zara at...
  15. Andy Bell

    What do you guys do during work breaks to reset?

    Hey Guys, So I had two questions for the members here, #1 what do you do to reset in the micro during work, meaning during 1-2 hour work bursts what do you do to get your mind right. #2 what do you do in the macro to reset, meaning after a few weeks of work, do you go on vacation? Go for a...
  16. Andy Bell

    Dealing with procrastination when you're comfortable

    This post is money, theres a great series of videos out there called productivity unleased. Heres a few notes I took on one of the 4 modules
  17. Andy Bell

    Grant Cardone - Just Read Sell or be Sold and Obsession Other books any good?

    I heard about grant from a Gary V recommendation of people to follow on Instagram. Ill be honest hes the white Kanye on Instagram, just nonstop videos of him dry-humping his jet and zooming in on his wife's "assets". I didn't really get much if anything from him on Instagram except for a little...
  18. Andy Bell

    Amazon v going alone with Shopify

    Im not an expert but I have done both with success. With amazon my biggest issue was hundreds of Chinese suppliers that will undercut your product down to the penny, copy your photos, send you fake reviews...its really cutthroat there now, nothing like it was years back. I tried doing a new...
  19. Andy Bell

    NOTABLE! Audiobooks - Reclaiming your time

    Reading Grant Cardone Obsession right now and funny enough he mentions, dont read hundreds of books and get lost in all that information read a few books and turn those books into your bible and reread them again and again until that information is second nature...funny enough obsession wasent...
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