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  1. Geekour

    LANDFILL Why do poor people, like OP, think they know everything? Trump, trump, trump...

    How do you know what people know and do not know? For all you know MJ could be on the crapper right now reading scientific biomedical gerontology journals on his tablet trying to understand the latest with preventative hemorrhoid nanotechnology for gods sake. Unless you are physically there in...
  2. Geekour

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read this book before Unscripted. A MUST read for sure.
  3. Geekour


    I've read and recently recommended unscripted to my younger brother. I was listening to the audiobook the other day with him and realized it's worth a re-listen/read 100%. Very powerful stuff. Thank you MJ. Working to become a success story on here someday along with my brother @Guts
  4. Geekour

    HOT TOPIC Will smoking weed make me lazy/hurt my (good) mindset?

    I personally have not tried it that often either, Like three times, but I think you tried a strand that makes you more prone to paranoia. I had your same experience and another strand was more of a calming one. I'm no expert but I am sure the experience is very dependent on the type of strand...
  5. Geekour

    NOTABLE! The Coming Recession (2019-2020?)

    @JScott What is your opinion on the residential assisted living market during the recession and in general? Worth investing in? I am an RN and this is something I have been pretty serious about. Possibly might partner with investors. This would be my first home purchase so I was thinking to...
  6. Geekour

    NOTABLE! The Coming Recession (2019-2020?)

    Gah. All this talk makes me not want to invest in real estate right now and hold off.
  7. Geekour

    An advertisement I found interesting

    Really good cinematography and creative filming but it made me feel very uncomfortable. Fantastic for a movie, but bad to sell a product. I prefer Tesla approach.
  8. Geekour

    Right mindset to become a full-time entrepreneur - how to think about opportunities?

    Well you are in the right place. This place may not have ALL the answers but it will enlighten you to be a better version of yourself. At the end of the day we all have a different life, live in different locations, have different personalities. So there is no step by step guide to what value...
  9. Geekour

    How did you find out about MJ/Fastlane?

    LOL. I never thought about this. I searched "millionaire" on amazon. :rofl: Bam. Life changed. Before I got it I noticed it was highly recommended all over reddit and google.
  10. Geekour

    EXECUTION Watch me as I start a social media management agency

    I agree with the monkey brain stuff but it is hard to trust Youtube videos of a kid sitting on a lambo in the video thumbnails not gonna lie lol
  11. Geekour

    Who can you help?

    So simple advice yet so profound. I just thought of someone close to me that needs help with something because they don't have time for it. The nice thing about this is that it is an entire industry and can scale. I had a few ideas for products but this post just made me remember something I...
  12. Geekour

    Share the latest methods for product and market validation

    I read this last week. Great book. Need to reread it because I missed out a lot of info. So besides crowdfunding a landing page is still a viable option today? I know not all products launch through crowdfunding when would someone use this method instead of not using it. Appreciate the feedback...
  13. Geekour

    Share the latest methods for product and market validation

    I have a few ideas in mind for Ecommerce physical products. Curious what you all think as to what the most current and latest effective methods to validate and test a product/market need. I feel landing pages might piss people off / feel spammy when they find out you don't have stock and ask...
  14. Geekour

    GOLD! The "Astonishing Secrets" Thread

    Well I'll be damned. You made my ice cream melt this thread is next level. @IceCreamKid I never read this since I joined. Big mistake. It clicks with me so much because there is a very deep "entrepreneurial" spirituality to it. This should have been the first thread I read. Thank you so much...
  15. Geekour

    HOT TOPIC Quote of the Day - QOTD

    "Just do it." - Shia LaBeouf
  16. Geekour

    HOT TOPIC AMA: Affiliate Marketing

    In your opinion and based on your journey, what makes the difference between an amateur affiliate marketer and pro? What are the common pitfalls that the successful affiliate marketers know to cross?
  17. Geekour

    INTRO Hi I'm Neville Medhora, I do copywriting and everyone says this is a great (non-Facebook) community!

    I legit just saw a video of you on youtube the other day. I am JUST now learning about copywriting welcome to the forum hope to learn a thing or two from you :D
  18. Geekour

    Remote freelancing skills that can lead to a fastlane business?

    I am learning a lot from the threads and trying to apply it to my life. Lately I have learned we can achieve anything if we understand ourselves and others well enough. Business is all about understanding the mind of your customer (psychology) and having the right positive mindset and philosophy...
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