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  1. Stevee2K

    How to Provide High Quality Customer Service?

    Great tips to follow. I have recently had a great experience with really LIVE support. No delays, I felt like I was the only caller on the line (though I know it wasn't not truth because the company is big and well known), and we had a really nice conversation. Companies big or small should be...
  2. Stevee2K

    INTRO My Story

    Nice story. Completly agree with lowtek. 16 years is an age of stresses. Chill out, plan everything in a right way, no need to be in a hurry. You are just 16, your thoughts are nice, but you want everything fast. Plan first, then do. Only this way. Good luck!
  3. Stevee2K

    INTRO You're from where??

    Sacramento, California
  4. Stevee2K

    HOT TOPIC Is Elon Musk a fraud?

    Elon Musk shows how decent products differs from decent trending product)))
  5. Stevee2K

    HOT TOPIC Have Smartphones Destroyed A Generation?

    That's not correct to say so. The usage of em, maybe. ALmost the same situation as with many things invented in the last 20 years. The easier they make your life, the lazier you are. Once there won't be any devices, we will struggle. But not, I see no reason to give up using em.
  6. Stevee2K

    NOTABLE! How to Buy A McLaren for $20K

    wonderful car!:thumbsup:
  7. Stevee2K

    NOTABLE! How many Business Failures did you have before success?

    What do u mean by successful? monthly income, popularity, tendency?
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